Truth be told, I was never really satisfied with my old layout. I don't know why but it seemd to grate on me more and more everyday. Since I changed it, for most of the day at least, for the Maroon and Orange day, and I had oodles of free time I decided it would be a good day to just go ahead and completely change the layout to something I liked.

I think I am happy now, there's some minor things I don't care for with the new layout, but that has more to do with adding links and changing stuff than the actual look. The look should stay for a while.

On to Hockey...

Calgary looks like a completely different team at home as opposed to away, and that all starts with their Captain, Mr. Iginla. He needs to perform better on the road for his team to have a chance.

San Jose has eliminated Nashville in 5 games. I really thought this series was going 7 games. A 5 game series doesn't do any justice to how close all the games were, and how exciting they were. This would have gone 7 had Kariya decided to come for the playoffs. 1 point is not acceptable. All told this is my favorite series of the first round so far (even though Calgary-Detroit has gotten a lot better).

Buffalo efficiently disposed of the Islanders today. I would be scared of Buffalo, they played very sloppy and were still able to handidly beat NY. The games were close, but Buffalo was just the better team, at least from everything I saw.