Well there's nothing, absolutely nothing, going on in the world of Hockey right now. I'm not going to completely cop out by showing practice video of Avs... like some other Avs bloggers (ok i'm just mad i didn't think of it first)

No way. I'm going to cop out by directing you to the EA Sports player ratings for your Colorado Avalanche.

Colorado Avalanche

Here's some of the highlights:
  • First I love how the "state" the player is from for Euro players is just their country. Apparently Wojtek Wolski is from Poland, Poland.
  • How were they able to get Smyth, and Hannan on the roster, but not drop Brisbois and Turgeon?
  • Lowest Aggression ranking "on" the team? Brisbois
  • Arnason's from Oklahoma? Who knew?
  • I know I'm piling on Brisbois, but his Defensive Awareness is a 65 lowest on the team, yes including both Tyler Arnason and Marek Svatos. How are these two not in the 50's?
  • Unfortunately Theo's 5-hole rating isn't "open"
Pop Jocks has the link to all the teams

Co. Avs NHL '08 Player ratings (IGN)
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