With Super Joe Sakic sidelined for the last 4 games or so it, (and let's be honest looking a little old in the first part of the season) I think Avs fans have started to really realize that, One Day, relatively soon, Joe Sakic will no longer be playing professional Hockey for the Colorado Avalanche. Now even though the Avs have only been around Denver for a limited time, I think it's fair to say they have a pretty rich history in that short time. 2 Stanley Cups and quite a few Bestern Conference (sorry WESTern conference, nothing at all implied by that slip leastern fans, i mean Eastern.) finals appearances qualifies as history. Ray Borque and Patrick Roy have already had their numbers retired, with Forsberg and Foote surly to follow.

Each of those players were uniquely important to the Avs run, and I don't want to take away anything from their contributions. But even among them, Joe Sakic has a special place among Avs fans. He's the last remaining of those 5 and the last Nordique. He is the only captain the Avs have ever known, and his importance to the franchise is something that can never be overestimated.

So in honor of Joe Sakic they should not retire #19 when he hangs up his skates, in fact that number should be used every season, and the person wearing that number should always be the Captain of the Colorado Avalanche. That's right #19 should forever become the captain's #. Whenever Hejduk or Stastny take over the Captaincy from Joe the Avalanche should honor him, and his legacy, by hanging the #19 from the rafters, but also make sure the #19 is always attached to the Captains "C". Brazil's #10 is the most famous number in the world because of the great Pele. His dominating presence made Brazil into the power it is today. For the Avs, #19 is that number. The only thing that would honor Sakic more than his number never being worn again, is it being worn by the most respected Av every night.