Decided that it's 2007 and it's time to get my own blog. I will be posting normally sports related issues but also will throw in the occasional other stuff as well.

Unfortunately, being a huge Bronco fan, I am going to start my blog on a very sad note. I never realised the death of a person I have never met, and have only known about for a few years , could leave me feeling so sad. It's a terrible tragedy whenever someone so young loses his/her life. I don't want to sound cliché but it puts everything in perspective. I would like to say more, but don't think there's much more I can say at this point. RIP Darrent Williams.


Following that everything else seems trivial, but I am going to try and give some background on me and what I am blogging about. All my posts are unabashedly biased. I am a Broncos, Avalanche, and Ohio State Buckeyes Fan. I follow Pro football very religiously, Hockey and college football fairly well (even though I think tactics-wise I am very weak in hockey), and I follow most other sports casually or non-existent. I play soccer often and know a great deal technically about the sport (even if I don't follow it internationally as well as I should.) Hopefully I'll keep up on this fairly regularly, but who knows.