So I go on vacation to avoid thinking of something to post visit with a relative, and all hell breaks loose.

* We have bloggers, reconciling with Eklund

* Oh and another good blog saying good things about him.

* Some Avs fans seam to be taking the off-season pretty hard

* Nashville residents seem intent on keeping their hockey team (On a side note, I was about an hour south of Nashville this week, and there was quite a bit of talk from people about the rally. So any arguments about people not being interested in hockey there is pretty off-base)

* ESPN isn't as powerful as everyone thinks... Because Adrian Dater didn't actually disappear after a trip to the World Wide Leader's parent company (Of course, they may have kidnapped him, strapped him into a chair, taped his eyes open and forced him to watch those mind-numbing "Who's Now" segments until he cracked. If he abandons hockey and starts talking about Red Sox-Yankees like it's Russia-US then we'll know for sure)

* DLS finds a way to get through the slow summer months with little to talk about...Talk about the same things, but in a new blog: Mile High Hockey (Just kidding, this is a great new site by our friend over at DLS, and I'm excited to see where it leads. More on it later)

* Flames fans have mostly good things to say about the Avs

* Old friend Aebischer heads from a predominantly French-speaking place, to a predominantly Spanish speaking one.

* And someone has a "Misery"-style Man-crush on Joe Sakic. Hopefully, for Joe, it's not this guy

Anyways, It's good to be back (just in time for the weekend), and hopefully I can find something to write about in these dog days of summer.