I disagree with a lot of Denver Sports fans on a lot of things. Like the Rockies are a "professional" baseball team, or Darren McCarty has a soul (granted it's a black bottomless well of evil, but I still think he has one). But I think we can all agree that Scott Parker is a complete madman who makes his living playing hockey.

He's got a lot going for him, the best being "I don't care that I have only been on this team (again) for 2 weeks. You touch my guys and the pain train is coming." I am sure everyone's heard the old cliché "Shoot first and ask questions later," and I don't think that's a cliché for Scott Parker. I think that's his calling in life. Personally I think he should give all his interviews as a WWE character, and we give him some cheesy yet oddly cool nickname. (My nomination is Scott "Insane Train" Parker, but I am more than willing to take suggestions).

In the last few games he has
  • nearly gone over the boards to hit (possibly kill) a guy who put a mild hit on a 3rd line teammate
  • jawed on the bench at that guy for the rest of the game
  • cross-checked a guy in the back (while he was on the ground) because he took a hard, but legal, hit on Guite. (BTW the Avs scored short-handed on the ensuing Power-play)
  • Completely steamroll Hecht (Buffalo) because he had the audacity to touch Guite after a hard hit by Guite on Briére.
Frankly this is the type of attitude this team was lacking, and I think it's paying off. With, the departed, Brad May being unable to fight and actually thinking he might contribute on the team and LaPerriére taking over as tough-guy for the Avs, when that really isn't his role (he's an agitator) we needed someone to step in a know his role as the protector and intimidater. Again this is what Scott Parker seems to live for. I don't see how Scott Parker doesn't intimidate everyone. Joe Frazier was scared of one person, Muhammed Ali. Why was he scared of Ali? cause he thought Ali was crazy. I think Scott Parker plays this card very, very well.