So in the comments section of my guide to hating he Red (Beige) Wings, the starter Wife , mentioned that finding a reason to hate the Beige Wings wasn't hard, finding a reason to like the Ducks was hard, so I think it's a good topic to cover. So without further adieu, here's your guide to liking the Ducks.. well for at least a series.

1.They are not the Red Wings. This should be pretty evident, but I can't say it enough. Any team that is playing the Red (Beige) Wings becomes my second favorite team. If I'm married to the Avs, then any team with the opportunity to eliminate the Red (Beige) wings becomes my 20-year old hottie mistress.

2.They are no longer Mighty Seriously they finally came to their senses and realized that they had, until this season, the second stupidest name in all of professional sports (being the Houston Texans if anyone is interested in the stupidest.) Yes someone had to buy them from Disney, but at least they changed the name.

3.Jean-Sebastion Giguere Classy, and dealing with the trauma of his newborn son. He is what brings out the best in hockey, and why Hockey players are so likable. Would be nice to see him win a cup to go along with his Conn Smythe.

4. Andy McDonaldLittle guys on skates... always fun to watch

5. Anything that keeps the ducks in the playoffs longer, means more chances of another snoop-dog hockey experience... And that's unbeatable