So every round I try to jump on a teams bandwagon. Well that hasn't worked so well, as I have fallen off the Flames, Sharks, and Buffalo bandwagon in three straight rounds. So now I have a 1 in 2 chance to root for the winning team, the problem... I can't figure out who to root for.

Sure there are individual players I want to root for, but for every J.S. Giguere that I want to win there's a Brad May who can go to hell. For every Alfredsson there's a Chris Neal. Anaheim is the US's team, but they employ Brian Burke. They are also a Western Conference team... but they employ Brian Burke.

Since we on the left coast aren't really able to follow any Eastern Conference teams, well there's quite a bout of apathy for them. I'm not Canadian, so I could care less if a Canadian team wins the Cup. I like Alfredsson, and Spezza but not enough to really care. (Alfredsson has had a couple nasty hits that have made me like him less this postseason).

So I figured I would just wait for the games to begin. As soon as the game starts, I will find someone to root for right? Wrong. I was cheering for whoever happened to be behind. I want to see good hockey and a close series... but I really really don't care who wins.

So there you go.. I don't know. The good news is that the Hockey is fantastic. These are the two best teams and they were fun to watch in game 1. So even though I can't muster up any emotional attachment the quality of hockey is making up for it.