As expected my thoughts on keeping Theodore for the season generated some discussion among the die hard Avs fans (And i say that knowing full well die-hards and fellow bloggers are the only ones who read this little slice of the internet). So here's the deal, and I agree with it. In the comments Dear Lord Stanley wrote:

The only way the Avs would be worse off by getting rid of Theodore is if the buyout and the replacement goalie's salary is MORE than what they're currently paying Theodore.

And I completely agree with this. Theodore's cap hit if he stays on the roster is $5.3M next season, and his buyout is $4M cap hit. So what kind of goalie can you get for $1.2M?

Well here's some free agent goalies and their salaries last season:

  • Jaime McClennan (aka lumberjack)- $625k
  • Markkanen, Jussi - $850k
  • Burke, Sean -$1.2M
  • CuJo- $2M
  • Boucher, Brian- $450k
  • Conklin, Ty- $575k
  • Aebischer, David- $1.9M
  • Aubin, Jean-Sebastion- $525k
  • Dunham, Mike-$500k
  • Weekes, Kevin- $2M
  • Eche, Robert- $1M
  • Thibault, Jocelyn- $1.5M
  • Holmqvest, Johan- $600k
These are all FA's to be whom the Avs could bring in to replace Theodore if they decioded to buyout Theodore. No what do we have

Players that cost more than $1.2M-CuJo, Weekes, Thibault, Aebischer, Sean Burke.

Super risky washed-up vetrens- Dunham, Esche, Boucher, McClennan, Conklin

Just as bad on the ice as Theo- Holmqvest.

There are 2 backups here that make any sense to me at all. Jussi Markkanen, Jean-Sebastion Aubin. Everyone else is just as risky as Theodore, for various reasons (injury, ability, crazy) or costs too much. So there we have it, there are two options out there, in my opinion, that are better than just taking a season to suck-it up with Theo's contract and having him as backup for one more season.

Another thing to consider is that, just because Theo gets bought out doesn't mean our owner wants to just throw that money away. He still has to pay Theo $6M next season no matter what. If he buys him out he has to pay another $1M or so just to fix that first bad investment. If he doesn't buy him out he loses the $6M more and nothing else. I know Kroenke is a Billionaire, but $1M is a lot of money, to anyone, and not something to be taken lightly.

So would I like to buyout Theo and get a backup in that will be a good backup.. yeah that would be great, but unless that young kid, Wall, is ready to be in an NHL backup role I just don't think there's a better option

EDIT: Holqvist just resigned in Tampa Bay. Apparently they like the unpredictability of a shakey goalie.