Hey I'm back from Thanksgiving break.

Amazingly the Avs, despite losing 4 of the last 5 games pretty embarrassingly, are only 1 point out of first in the NW division. It's kind of bittersweet because they could have really taken over the division in that time and instead they allowed Vancouver to get back into the race.

They have just flat out been cover-your-eyes awful, and really I think it's a case of pressing. I missed the last two games (believe it or not the hotel I stayed in in Portland, OR didn't have NHL center Ice, or a real good internet connection even) but in the previous games they were trying to make every goal a nice pass. Let's just let the puck rip at the net. We have two really good rebound/screen/trouble makers in Smyth and Brunette. I know we don't have the best shots from the point but let's put them on net and see what happens. It's got to be better than trying to center to a 1-vs-4 covered guy from behind the net right?