Dear Coach Quenneville,

You've taken a lot of heat lately, and I have backed you. Even though some of your decisions have been bizarre, insane, or borderline indefensible, I have continued to have faith that you have a plan for the season and the long term goals are superseding the short term goals. You have done a great job developing young players (Stastny, Wolski, Finger, Richardson, Sauer, Guite etc) and several more young players look to be good as well (The Svats machine, Cumisky, Budaj).

I have never asked you for anything. All I want is a strong coaching effort, and an improving winning team. But now, in the holiday season no less, I am asking you for something. One small favor, think of it as an early Christmas gift. See it is Jose Theodore's turn in the current goalie rotation Friday night. I am asking you to please play Budaj. You see, I only get to see two Avs games in person a year, and Friday night, @ SJ, is one of them. I don't want to see Theo, except wih his dreamy locks covered with a baseball hat on the bench.

I really just want to see them win, but I know you can't guarantee that. But playing Budaj gives your boys the best chance at winning, and leaves me the best chance at having a happy Christmas. You don't want to ruin my Christmas do you Q?