So I'm not going to worry too much about last night's 1-6 loss to Dallas. Everyone was pretty much brutal last night, and there will be games like that. Fortunately it was the one game in 11 that isn't against a Northwestern foe, so it was the right game to tank. The only thing I don't want to see is Theo lose his spot in the goalie rotation (No you didn't read that wrong). Q needs to stay consistent with his goalies, and that means keeping the rotation even when a goalie has an off game. It will go a lot towards taking some of the pressure off both Budaj and Theo if Theo gets the nod against Calgary on Tuesday.

What I really wanted to talk about today was the Stars announcers, who were absolutely magnificent with their word play last night. Honestly I thought they were sitting with a dictionary in front of them looking for ways to work big words into the broadcast all evening. Unfortunately they didn't use the words correctly, but here's a list of big words (including one that isn't a word) that was used last night, and honestly I'm sure I missed some because I FFD'd through the game after the second period and I didn't start writing them down until I was thoroughly amused.
  • regurgitated- As in "Mike Smith regurgitated Joe Sakic on that shot... Think he meant "stoned, robbed, stopped, denied. Any of those would have done
  • Ironic- hard to get too mad because most people use this word incorrectly, however the correct word would have been coincidentally.
  • Succulent- A succulent rebound for Ryan Smyth
  • tourniquet- Budaj in to put a tourniquet on this thing, after Theo was pulled. (Coincidentally this was the one i thought was used most appropriately) And my personal favorite:
  • Disputation- Finger and Ott involved in a little disputation in front of the net.
Disputation is apparently a word down in Texas... who knew?