Well just under 10% of the season is done so far, and the Avs are an underwhelming 4-4-0. Time to look back at some of the Questions the Avs bloggers answered at the beginning of the season. I think the biggest one was the one I hosted:

What are the biggest stumbling blocks to the Avs this coming season? Are they their own worst enemy, or will certain teams present specific challenges to Colorado this season?I think Baba Oje, from Melt your face-off, said it best:
They need to play more consistently defensively. There were too many times last year when the other team got behind our own blue liners
and hung the goalies out to dry. Its time that our defenders matured into the new NHL and learned that they don't have the two line pass to protect them. We also need Budaj to play like he did at the end of last season, a high order, but he is capable.

So defensive consistency and goaltending? Yes the defensive consistency has been terrible to say the least this season. Clark, Hannan, Leopold, and Skrastins have, IMO looked completely lost in the defensive zone this season. Sauer has been the best one in terms of positioning, with Finger a solid second (too bad he only plays 1/2 the games). Liles has been pretty solid as well, but 3 defensemen playing solid isn't going to cut it.

Goaltending has been an issue but for a different reason. It's not the play of Budaj that's the problem, but the consistency of Coach Q in just letting things be. I realize coaches need to tinker, and always feel like they can do something to help. But sometimes the best move is no move at all. Let's let the goalies find their rhythem. Budaj played spectacularly in the 3-2 loss to Minnesota last night, don't demote him for the defense's mistakes. If anyone deserves to sit a game, it's Leopold or Clark based on their performance last night. Budaj has played just fine, let him be.

Forwards notes:
♦ Where'd Hlinka go? he looked like he was going to be a force, then disappeared. The Stastny-Brunette-Hlinka line looked good, but of course Q changed that line up.

♦ Wolski has been the Avs best player the last 4 games or so, and has had a great season so far. Always making the nice pass. Stastny has, deservedly, gotten the second year recognition, but Wolski has been great (even if the Minnesota announcers can't pronounce his name correctly).

♦ Brunette has also been great. His passing seems out of this world this season. He always seems to make a great pass.

♦ I saw Arnason make both a good backcheck and a good forecheck last night against Minnesota. Honest to god, both led to good scoring chances. I'll take that kind of effort from him all the time.