Lost in all the commotion as NHL teams have debuted hideous uniform after ugly uniform after another. YIKES!!! Is that The lake erie Monster's unveiled their new unis. One rumor I have seen, and haven't been able to confirm yet, was that the Monsters originally had decided to put the monster-in-water logo (seen on the left) on the jersey but couldn't because of the new Reebok Jerseys. That would be too bad, because the monster logo has grown on me.

Despite the missing monster on the front I must say I like them, a lot. In fact most of the new AHL unis are pretty decent. (I especially like the Chicago Wolves new duds.) They were able to put the monster-in-water logo on the shoulder though, and the Avs logo on the shoulder is a nice touch. The sleeves could use some work (drop the weird black on white abstract encroachment art and go with a white-black-white sleeve stripe) But overall they look sharp.

Oh and for all your jersey needs/unveiling's head over to Jersey's and Hockey Love and Hockey Blog in Canada, as well as breakdowns from Uniwatch.

Note: (The Vancouver jersey linked to above is obviously not the real jersey, but parody's it pretty well, so I included it. I actually kind of like the real new Canucks jerseys but i'll concede they are cluttered, especially with the Captains "c")