As I was watching last night's game, where the Avs lost after holding a one goal lead going into the third, I kept noticing things that drove me insane during the game. I think there's some statistics out there that could be telling (like how bad a coach really is, and how hard a team is playing, etc), but I can't track them myself, and I have no idea how or where to track them. So here's some stats I'd like to see...

1) 3rd period GA while holding a 2 or 1 goal lead. I can't imagine the Avs have a very good record here. The way we play the "cling for dear life" after getting a late lead, that nearly never works BTW, I can only assume the Avs are nearly last in the league.

2)Average Continuous Offensive Zone time. This is the Average time a team spends in the offensive zone before the defense clears. It seems to me as if the Avs lack of forechecking, despite having quality forecheckers in Wolski, Brunette, and Smyth, means the Avs only get a few moments in the offensive zone before the defense clears.

3) Icings taken by a team on the PP. Again I'm going to assume the Avs lead the league in this category.

Unfortunately a "Moneyball" type website doesn't exist where people just wqatch hockey and keep obscure, yet extremely valuable, stats yet (or if it does I haven't found it).