Damnit. I spoke up too late

And just if anyone's curious the exact the song I was listening to when I saw this announcement (In the Beginning by The Stills) was at the part where they were singing these exact lyrics:

in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire

So that's a good sign

Addendum 1 Normally I'd give a hat tip to bbgrunt for the news, but I'm the type that shoots the messenger.

Addendum 2 More reaction is starting to settle in. DD and Shane have both weighed in. The MHH cats have weighed in. And Dater has also posted something. A few themes are starting to settle in:

1) WTF!?!
2) This screams Pierre LaCroix
3) Seriously WTF!?!
4) Depression

Addendum 3 Changed the "lyrics" part to read a little better. Apparently I wasn't at my most coherent when originally typing. I wonder why?

Addendum 4 Changed the title of this post so that profanity doesn't show on other people's pages (like at Avs talk who has a Title follower box in the left column)

Addendum 5 Mike@MHH has now weighed in over at Mile High Hockey