On May 22nd last year Tony Granato was hired as the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche. Here's what I wrote then:

Damnit. I spoke up too late

And just if anyone's curious the exact the song I was listening to when I saw this announcement (In the Beginning by The Stills) was at the part where they were singing these exact lyrics:

in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire
in a ball of fire

So that's a good sign

So when someone says "Man who could have seen this coming with the Avs?"
The answer is, well, a lot of people:

Granato screams out as the “safe” choice. That’s not a terrible thing, but I think Francois Giguere missed a chance to really shake things up behind the bench.
The cynic in me also says this: The Avs are uncomfortable at the thought of a high-profile, opinionated type of coach, a guy like a Pat Burns or Ron Wilson or Barry Melrose. They want in-house, home-grown guys who they can better control. The real cynic in me says they only want subservient puppets, and they want to stubbornly go against public opinion (i.e., the media) and never admit a mistake. Hence, Granato’s rehire.
Mike @ MHH:
More to come after I stop the bleeding from banging my head against the wall. OK, I think I managed to cauterize the wound with a ham and cheese Hot Pocket.

Commenting stalwart, and friend of jibblescribbits, thedoctor (aka matt):
My initial reaction is...why? Granato had one job the last few years, as far as I know -- the Power Play. Which was certifiably awful last year at 29th in the league. So lets promote him!

I'm usually an optimist about this kind of thing around here, but this is an awful move. He was terrible his first time around, he was terrible last year in his role as PP coach...why would this be any different?

Edit -- Official Link

And I'm still in shock. What an awful move.