If you haven't heard by now, Peter Forsberg's latest attempt at a comeback is over, and it appears that it may be his career is finally over. Probably. Well, maybe. Ok potentially. But If it's his last attempt (and there's not a font big enough to make that an appropriately sized if) then the Avs next year will surely have a sweater retirement ceremony.

Forsberg meant as much to the Avs franchise as any player, and my inside sources at Avalanche HQ say they have something special planned for his sweater retirement. The ever inventive Avs marketing team has the following outline for a yearlong tribute to Peter Forsberg.

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Home opener:  The Avs start raising an Orange "88" banner with "Lindros"  on the back of it while "Killing me softly" plays on the loud speakers. As it gets to the top Howler comes out of retirement in an Avs "21" sweater cuts the banner from its mount and as the Lindros banner falls to the ice a Forsberg #21 banner is unfurled as AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" rocks in the background.

Late October: The Avs decide to honor his most famous moment, by adding the stamp depicting his gold medal winning goal for Sweden

Mid November: Even the Avs, they of the most intrusive TV advertisements in sports history, don't auction off space on hallowed sweater space, but for Forsberg, they'll make the exception:


Early December: In honor of his contributions to the '01 cup-winning team, and the sacrifice of his spleen, the Avs decide to add a little something to the graphic. Or I should say, subtract.

Early January: Then, in honor of Foppa's 1st comeback, the Avs will take the banner down.
Mid-January: A new ceremony putting it back up. This time the banner will have Christmas lights on it, in honor of the electrodes he wore in his last stint to try and keep playing.

Late January: Then, they'll take it down again which leads to...
Early February: Another reason for a banner re-raising

Late February: Denver Post beat writer Adrian Dater will come out to center ice before a game and say that the Avs will lower the banner again in honor of Forsberg.
2 Days later: Dater will come out and say that the banner will not be removed.

Early March: the crowd will be told that the banner will be taken down, again. This time in Swedish
Mid-March: The banner comes down
Late March: Who's ready for another attendance boosting banner raising!

April: Forsberg will be honored by dropping the puck at the Avs playoff home opener. Dater will wheel him to center ice in a straight jacket, Hannibal Lector style to make sure he doesn't try to participate in the game itself, since he's there.

Avs announce their opening day promotion next season...could it be a Forsberg banner raising?