Sunday was a great day for hockey. Watching Sid and OV square off is always fun. Then Sid goes and pots 2 of the prettiest goals you'll ever see, leading the Pens to a 4-1 lead. Ovechkin then decides to take the game over and notches a hat trick, and assists on the game winner in OT in a game that saw some great hits, a great crowds, and some inexplicable officiating.

But every week NBC gets their resident Peacock Puck Jester®, Pierre McGuire, to do "analysis". When he's not looking under the bench for a MONSTER he's talking about how Alexander Ovechkin is out there trying to hurt people, but it's totally a compliment to his game (no seriously, he said this). He also says stuff that really makes you think, like this  "It's the best game in the world, the only game without an out of bounds." I mean when you really think about it it's true, well unless you forget that the puck goes into the stands, off the netting and into the bench. But still he's sort of right which means....


Well I'm not sure what the hell it means. Buzkashi is the only sport in the world played with the carcass of a decapitated goat, so we'll just call it a draw send it to a shootout. Anyways while  I was ignoring McGuire and Mike Milbury's inane rants between periods, I did happen to glimpse at the screen from time to time. Something about McGuire caught my eye and made me think something was a bit off, even for him. I rewound the TiVo and decided to get a screenshot.

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The quality isn't very good, but after staring at it for a second, I finally figured out that there was something wrong with McGuire's hand. (P.S. I DO NOT recommend staring directly at McGuire at all, for any length of time.)

There it was, something really funky with his hand. But I couldn't really figure it out. Luckily I have some friends in a media department with the capability of blowing it up, and clarifying so I could see exactly what it was. Then I got this image in my e-mail:

Holy Hell, McGuire needs to write this crap on his hand. First of all, let's give credit where it's due... it's got to be difficult to write those notes on his hand. So excellent penmanship Mr. McGuire. But more importantly this completely explains why these were the only four things that McGuire was able to talk about on Sunday. That at least gives him an excuse.

But, intrepid journalist that I am I did some digging and dug WAY too far. See it turns out lefty is his "Business" hand, and righty is designated for "Leisure". How do I know this? I was able to make some calls and get a picture of his right hand.  to dig up what he's got drawn on his right hand. WARNING: Some things you just can't unsee

That's right, Pierre McGuire has drawn Flyers Captain Mike Richards and Maple Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf on the hand he calls his "beatiful MONSTER".