So I went on a nice snowboarding trip over the last 2 days, and had very little access to internet or much in the way of hockey news. I did have access to vast acreage of white fluffy powder, and 4"-8" of it fell from the sky, so it was a pretty decent trade-off. Surprisingly, Ray Emery was nowhere to be found either (I kid, I kid).

So what did I miss in the 2 days that I was away:

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  • The Avs extend their winning streak to 5 games, beating a conference foe in regulation
  • Les Ailes performing another come-from-ahead loss, in regulation) to the Kings.
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Les Ailes have apparently started contemplating sacrificing virgins by tossing one to their death during a home game. How do I know they're virgins? They're Red Wings fans.
  • Calgary extended their losing streak to 5 games, and they are 1-8-1 in their last 9.
  • Calgary and Les Ailes are now going to be fighting it out for the #8 seed in the West. Suddenly this picture is highly symbolic for hockey:
  • The teams currently battling with the Avs for the playoffs are: LA, Nashville, Phoenix, Calgary, Vancouver and Detroit. Those teams went 2-3 (and one fo the wins was LA over Detroit).
  • Wojtek Wolski got into a fight. No seriously. (He also won, according to the Hockey Fights poll). I hope this stops the "Wolski is too lazy" talk that continues to circulate despite his breakout season, but I doubt it will.

  • A win against the Stars tonight will mean a new title: a Weekend of Awesome.*
*Weekend of awesome.