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This is a relatively new feature I'm doing. I like it when people link to me, so I'm paying it forward. These are some things I've been reading over the last week or so.

Link of the Week.

Rudy Kelley gives blogging titan James Mirtle some advice on his "exciting new career where he stands around asking stupid questions to naked men." Well worth the read. Awesome
[Battle of California]


Sean Payton takes CBS 4's Vic Lombardi to task for his pretentious and condescending anti-fighting hockey fighting stance. Most of the time this attitude is used as rationalization to marginalize hockey.
[Anyone But Detroit]

Adrian Dater gives an inside look at what makes a good hockey clubhouse.
[All Things Avs]

Mile High Hockey contributor "rcw91" defends Denver against the tiresome attendance issue that keeps coming up. (Attendance will be an issue until the Avs can rebuild the season ticket base. That's not happening until the summer, so we should stop talking about it until next season.)
[Mile High Hockey]

Terri Frei had some fascinating articles in the Post this week. First he takes the NHL to task for their (lack of) promotion of NHL stars
[Denver Post]
Then Frei looks at comparable ticket prices for games across the league. SPOILER: Avs tickets: still expensive
[All Things Colorado]

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Around the NHL

I'll be writing some stuff on Team Slovakia for the Olympics for Olympic Hockey Blog. Vancity Canuck (who rns both a Lightning AND Canucks blog on Bloguin) covers Slovakian Defenseman Andrej Meszaro
[Olympic Hockey Blog]

Sean Payton of Anyone but Detroit, and Chris Kontos of the Royal 1/2 take a look at what Brian Burke may have been thinking taking Jonathon Quick over Craig Anderson for Team USA.
[Olympic Hockey Blog]

The Addition of Jay Bouwmeester was supposed to give Calgary a Big 3, some thought all three would make the Olympics. Calgary's paying them a combined $17.18M. The top scoring Calgary defenseman: Mark Giordanio ($890k). 
[The Puck Stops Here]

Leopore makes the case for Kevin Weekes as a good NHL analyst. I don't see him much being in the States, but I like what I've seen of him so far.
[Puck The Media]

Mike Chen and the Sportsnation 4 take over James Mirtle's "From the Rink"
[From The Rink]

As Mirtle sells out full time at The Globe and Mail Hockey
[Globe On Hockey]