I'm going to try something new here, and do a links page, as many popular blogs do. (I am not trying to insinuate that I'm popular here, I'm just trying to copy what popular people do.)  Actually I get links from time to time from other people, and I enjoy that, so I thought I should highlight a little bit of what I'm reading to return the favor to people. So here's some of the stuff I enjoyed last week:

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Longtime Avalanche/Colorado Hockey announcer Norm Jones retires and Terri Frei has a nice piece on him.
[Denver Post]

Last Monday The Avs played the Flames and there was a bit of a War of Words between the two cfan bases. Mile High Mayhem takes a look at what's becoming a pretty decent rivalry
[Mile High Mayhem]

Adrian Dater has a great story on Ryan O'Reilly's upbringing. Must-read for Avs fans

Around the League

The Premier hockey stats blog takes a look at the best and worst shooters in the league. It completely validates every "Tyler Arnason shoots weakly into the goalies chest" joke I've ever made

If you buy that really good football players play 1/2 a game that means that a football player plays 88 minutes of actual football every season. Kyle Quincey calls 88 minutes of playing time "Opening Week"

I thought it was bizarre that Senators fans felt so strongly about their goalie coach that they were excited when he was fired last week. Here's a good run-down as to why the goalie coach was hated. On the downside: Their goalies are still LeClaire and Elliot. (Note: Written before he was fired, but a good summary).

The amusing guys over at Melt Your Face Off give some tips to loser football fans (loser being their teams didn't make the playoffs) diving into hockey season. We'll have more on this this week.

Link of the week
A wonderful look at the player-referee dynamic after the Burrows fallout. Must read.