When you're team is out of the playoffs there's only one thing left to do. Take solace and unbridled joy in watching teams you hate lose. Leafs fans have this down to an art at this point.

Fortunately for Avs fans, and really hockey fans, the Red Wings are still in the playoffs, so we can hate them (Not for long!) So let's revel in the schaudenfreud why don't we.

So what does it look like when your Calder Candidate goalie gives up the back breaking goal, at an angle so bad that I'm not sure it doesn't violate the critical angle in Snell's Law, and thus fundamental laws of physics?

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Hey Jimmy, maybe had you kept those legs closed that puck wouldn't have gone in. Some people will say that goal he gave up to Logan Couture was a soft goal through the 5-hole, but that's not fair. It was really more like a 5-archway. Howard doesn't even know how it went in..But he's young, a rookie. Obviously he'll learn from this mistake... right?

"I would have done the same thing over again,"said Howard, a Calder Trophy finalist. "I always go down on one knee there. It just happened to find the goal."

Excellent. The only thing better than a back-breaking soft goal by a Red Wings goalie is the possibility for more since he's clearly not going to learn from his mistake.

But that goal wasn't all bad, mainly because it led to something rarely seen in nature. It's almost like seeing an albino gorilla

Yes my friends, that Jimmy Howard back-breaking softie led to the rare Quadruple face-palm, or Quad-palm for short:

A rare, but beautiful sight to behold.

Oh but the pain and suffering of Red Wings fans, and subsequent joy and celebration by everyone else, wasn't done there. Oh no. Even better than the Quad-palm is finding the exact moment when the Red Wings season goes completely belly up. But somehow, someone managed to find it:

Jimmy Howard too far out of his net futily looking back at the puck, the skate of Brian Rafalski barely in the frame. That is pretty symbolic since he was the one who was supposed to play the pass there (for a detailed analysis of how badly Rafalski fucked this thing up, see Rudy Kelly's excellent, and hilarious, tutorial. And Patrick Marleau "playoff choker extraordinaire" slaying his playoff demons.


My god it's glorious