For those who haven't heard there's reports that the Avs are looking to trade a defenseman. During the Detroit game last week  USA today and others (including I believe Dater.) reported that there were 16 scouts scouting the Avs-Les Ailes game last week, and rumors abound that the Avs were looking to trade a defenseman. Then against the Rangers the Avs suited up 7 defensemen (which I normally don't like, but the 7 defensemen are better than the 4th line forwards) which leads me to believe that the Avs have one too many cooks in the defensive kitchen. Cumiskey is probably the most likely to be traded (a combination of his small salary and his ability make him a desireable option to some teams.)

So tonight I was watching the Sharks play the Hurricanes, and it became apparent that the Sharks defense is pretty awful. A quick search of their defensive depth chart confirms my suspicions. The Sharks lost Rob Blake and Christian Erhoff to free agency, and could not replace either of them very adequetely. I believe any one of the Avs 7 defensemen would instantly become the Sharks 3rd best defensman. (Douglas Murray is not a 3-4 defenseman. As Eric Staal proved when he undressed him tonight.)

By no means does this mean a trade is coming between these two teams, I just think San Jose is in desperate need of a defenseman, and the Avs have a current abundance, and have several in the minors that are chomping at the bit to be called up as well (although browsing the stats Shattenkirk and Cohen are both struggling a little). I think the Avs will be looking for a Winger prospect, and I'm not sure the Sharks really have much there, but it's a possibility.

Basically, I just think the Sharks and Avs are a good fit for a trade.