Here's my thoughts/observations on the Burgundy/White game:

- I got to see live NHL caliber hockey tonight. Awesome.

- Hey Mr. Colossal Cranium: there are people to the side and in front of you, lean back in your seat a little!

- Sorry to any and all I could have met up with but didn't, the decision to go was last-second.


Addendum: Added Duchene's shootout goal, thanks to youtube user: (westhoff0407)

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- Adam Foote has 2 speeds: slow and ornery. When he's on ice, he's going to jaw and piss people off. I first noticed him when Liles did something or other (very minor) and Foote knocked Liles stick out of his hands during a stoppage in the first period. Liles and Foote then proceeded to jaw at each other.

In the third period, much more visibly, Foote and Duchene got into it at the other end of the ice which resulted in Foote doing a 2-handed helmet rip off of Duchene's head. This is the built up aggression that comes out when you live with someone for a year. Also, Duchene you're probably grounded for the next week or so. Next time you'll remember to take out the trash.

If they carpooled, how awkward was that car ride home? (Giant stick-tap to MHHer Guitarpick8120 for the video. good stuff)

-More concerning about that scuffle though is that Duchene went by Foote like he was standing still.

- Chouinard hasn't had many rave reviews from training camp, but I thought he looked especially good tonight. Crisp passes, and he had a really nice one that sent Stewart in, and resulted in Galiardi's goal. He also looked to have a pretty solid game.

-Ryan Wilson continues to baffle me. He makes a good play at one end, getting open ringing a slap shot off the crossbar and then, as the rush heads the other way, pinches up to help a forward (who doesn't need the help) vacating his defensive position which leads to a brief 2-v-1.

- Most people have O'Reilly down as future captain, but I would bet my first second born child that Shattenkirk will be Captain some day. After Pickard gave up a goal (to Galiardi on a short-side rocket( Shattenkirk went up to him tapped him on the pads and gave him the "Don't sweat it, kid" routine. Did I mention Shattenkirk's fighting for a roster spot and is a rookie. (Also, how cool is it to see Pickard and ShattenKirk stick together?)

- Speaking of Pickard, his NHL preseason debut was... rough. Two goals against by the Stastny-Stewart-Galiardi line is hardly something to be ashamed of, but the goal by Olver was soft. Not as soft as the Trevor Cann blue line blue light special, but it wasn't a good goal to give up. All told he was beaten shot-side twice... which isn't going to cut it. That said... he's very young and this was his first kind of real action. Still, he started 0 for one in the save department.

- If I had to give the 7th Defense spot to anyone right now, I'd make Shattenkirk and Holos play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock for it. They both look, to me, to be the most polished of the young defenders.

- Cody McLeod and David Koci had some words near the bench, I wanted to see them fight because it was probably Koci's last opportunity at a W this season.

- I think the coaching staff was taking a hard look at: Shattenkirk, Elliot, Holos, C. Cohen, Guance, Z. Cohen, Stoa, and Olver, as they played a lot of minutes. I do not think they were taking a look at Mercier, who I didn't even notice until about 5 minutes left in the 3rd.


- Addendum: In the shootout, Duchene had the only goal. It was pretty awesome:

Overall it was entertaining, and I just enjoyed watching a hockey game. Hockey is back baby, maybe not in full form yet, but it's back. This put me in the mood, and I can't wait to attend opening night in just 16 days.