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So it's not too difficult for me to cheer for them tonight. Also I hate the Minnesota Wild.. HATE them (well right now at least). So I would rather see Vancouver win the division than Minnesota anyways, so GO CANUCKS!!!

About the game today... Brett Clark is the most baffling player this season. One minute he makes a great play, like his fantastic blocked shot late in the game or on the 2 vs 1 where he went down and took away the pass, but sometimes he makes mind numbing mistakes. Like the 2 pucks he let get by him on the Blue line today. I just can't figure out if I like him yet or not.]]>
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Alabama, a hockey black hole? http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/alabama-a-hockey-black-hole.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/alabama-a-hockey-black-hole.html
Anyways since Internet access was expensive ($10/day) and there was no hockey news there (and i mean NONE i didn't even find out the Avs lost to Vancouver until about 4pm on weds). I don't have much to say about anything Hockey today. If anyone wants I can fill them in on Humidity, the relative wackiness that is the Southern Drawl and people who are obsessed with college football to the point that it's the main conversation piece at the end of March.

I got back today to learn that ESPN.com and Avalanche hockey columnist Terry Frei, obviously reads Jibblescribbits

Just kidding i don't know if he does or not, but I will believe it.]]>
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Staying Alive http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/staying-alive.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/staying-alive.html
Calgary has got to cool off. Luckily their next 3 games are

While Colorado's games this week are:

Watching the Avs game last night just made me realize that there's no room for error now. IF they lost last night they were done like dinner. They almost need to win out in order to get a spot. Luckily they stilol have those 2 games against Calgary or they would be almost done right now.

Side Note: I'm travelling for work this week so I probably won't be able to catch much of the Tuesday game so I will have to rely on the Avs Talk and the In The Cheap Seats recaps to let me know what's going on.]]>
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Fighting and Violence in Hockey http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/fighting-and-violence-in-hockey.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/fighting-and-violence-in-hockey.html Jappers Rink wrote a good post today about violence, and more specifically fighting, in Hockey.I would say JP is in the "no fighting, but we'll tolerate it" camp. This is a touchy issue, and the boys over at Faux Rumors are definitely in the "pro-fighting" camp.

I, personally, am torn. I don't think fighting is as essential to the game as people like Faux Rumors. Olympic Hockey, and NCAA hockey is fight-free and is also some of the most entertaining hockey around. The Stanley Cup Playoffs don't have any hockey fighting and even the most livid of hockey haters love those games. I think that shows that hockey can be entertaining without fights. It is concerning when a guy goes into a stretcher and might have his career ruined, like the Flyers guy last night.

On the other hand fighting in hockey IS entertaining though. My wife, the most peaceful person I have ever met in my life, loves watching a good hockey fight. I hate to admit it, but I do too. One of my favorite sports moments is the brawl between the Red Wings and Avalanche in '97. I disliked the Red Wings the day before, and hated them since that night. That was good for hockey, and it's hard to argue against it. Whether it's a deterrent for dirty play, or escalator is up to debate. I guess that intimidation will keep a player from backing off making a questionable hit, maybe.

Cam Janssen answered the call for his hit on Tomas Caberle, but I don't see that as over. Toronto lost one of their best defesnse men for multiple games in a playoff crunch, and NJ lost a 3rd or 4th line center for 1/2 a game because he went out and fought. Now we're supposed to believe Toronto players are happy with this because he stood up and fought? I don't buy that.

Here's exhibit A:
Steve Moore answered the call for his perceived cheap shot of Naslund (for the record it was awkward, but not dirty. Many unbiased hockey people have come out and said as much.). He fought a Canuck 2 games later. By the hockey man's rules the matter should be done and over, but it wasn't. We all know what happened next. How did having an enforcer help this? Fighting didn't curb the violence and didn't help at all. If anything it only escalated things further.

To be honest I don't think fighting is the problem. I think it's players making cheap shots on other player. If the NHL would do a better job on punishing cheap shots and dirty plays then fighting will subside and everyone will be happy. Checks to the head carry an automatic $5k-$10k penalty. Knee-to-knee hits carry an automatic $5k penalty. These fines can be increased and suspensions can be assessed if the league deems these were done with intent to injure, or out of maliciousness. make these rule changes and repeal the instigator law.

In my opinion this will reduce fighting, but still keep it part of the entertainment. There will still be the perceived cheap shot that will get the enforcer out on the ice. Cam Janssen would have been fined and suspended a couple games, and then answered for his actions to Belak the other night. But maybe the threat of fine and suspension makes Janssen check Caberle more carefully? Maybe Drury isn't hit from behind in the head because hockey players learn, you don't hit people in the head... it's a no-no. If it happens you will pay with not only your fists, but your money and your playing time.]]>
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That feeling http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/that-feeling.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/that-feeling.html The Empire Strikes Back? You knwo the part where Luke goes into the cave and fights Darth Vader, but the mask on the helmet explodes and he sees his own face. It's a somber grimm reminder that he, too, is not immune to becoming evil. Well that's what I felt like last night cheering for the Chicken Wings to beat the Flames. Some Jibblescribits for what I saw of that game:

  • Man the Chicken Wings don't look like a very good team, at least not last night. Calgary looked more talented, more disciplined and like they had better goaltending. Of course Calgary was at home.
  • Pavel Datsyuk is a great skater, and I was wrong to say he was a diver on Abel to Yzerman the other day. If the Chicken Wings are dumb enough to let him go this summer I wouldn't mind seeing the Avs make a serious run at him.
  • Dominik Hasek, on the other hand IS a diver.
  • Highlight of the night: The Floppinator's dive would make Christiano Rinaldo blush. (Christiano Rinaldo is a Portugese soccer player who was the worst diver at the World Cup last summer. He is notorious for diving).
(For the best view I can find go to www.tsn.ca and click on "Broadband" and Calgary/Detroit Highlights. It's not the best view because it looks like Iginla may have made contact, but the best angle came from behind the goal. I will hopefully find this link and have it later today.)
  • Of course while the Floppinator was falling on back acting like he'd been shot Huseilius scored an easy, GAME WINNING, goal.
  • Avs need to win tonight, luckily their playing Edmonton.
  • The world can go back to normal. Hell's temperature can go back up. Cats can stop chasing dogs, and pigs can be grounded... And more importantly I can cheer against the Chicken Wings.
Seriously last night was rough. I kept have to constantly remind myself that the Red Wings scoring was a good thing.]]>
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Playing for OT. http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/playing-for-ot.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/playing-for-ot.html Battle of Alberta posted how standings would be if they still played in the old points system in the NHL. mc79hockey has done a little more in depth analysis of these numbers as well. Well it turns out that not only would Calgary be ahead of both Minnesota and Vancouver (which would be fine with me) but Colorado would be behind Minnesota by one point, and Vancouver by only two.

I find this a problem in today's NHL, people play for Overtime, and these two teams are the biggest culprits in the west. Don't get me wrong it's a smart strategy to get to the playoffs and one that's obviously a benefit for Vancouver and Minnesota, but to be honest I see this as a problem. The NHL tried implementing the extra point for an OT win to open up the game more in OT so you don't have two teams sending one vs five because everyone is afraid of losing that point. I get the reasoning and it's solid.

But now you have teams that get to a certain point in the game (about 1/2 way through) and they trap and clutch-and-grab and trap their way through the rest of the game trying to get to overtime. This becomes even worse if those teams have a one goal lead. Minnesota is the absolute worst at this. They play the most boring hockey ever, and their regular time games can be described as yawn inducing. While this is good for the franchise, it's awful for the NHL. the NHL needs to do something to reward teams for going for it.

Personally I don't like the thought of teams getting a point for losing. This isn't a mite league where there's an A for effort, you win or go home. Personally I would like to see them use the standard soccer scoring system of 3 points for a win and 1 for a tie, but that's never going to happen mainly because the shootout has been a success and the NHL wouldn't drop it. so here's my second best idea...

  • 3 points for a regulation win
  • 2 points for an OT win
  • 1 point for a shootout win
  • 0 points for any kind of loss.
This will embolden teams to win in regulation, still reward teams for going for it in overtime, and have the finality of having a winner in a shootout. It also penalizes a team playing specifically for overtime or a shootout. I think OT's should go to 10 minutes and not 5 as well (4 vs 4 is ok with me though).
This also puts the best teams in the playoffs. Last year Dallas won a bunch of shootouts and that basically put them as a 2-seed. Colorado, the 7-seed, dominated them in the playoffs because Colorado was a better team they just didn't have the shootout capacity Dallas did. The NHL lost out because both these teams should have been playing someone else.]]>
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A Tale of Two Franchises (very long) http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/a-tale-of-two-franchises-very-long.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/a-tale-of-two-franchises-very-long.html The Avs are going to Alberta to play the Edmonton Oilers twice this week. This makes me upset and giddy at the same time. I am giddy because Edmonton is a complete wreck and hopefully they will stay that way for 3 more games (they play Vancouver once before getting to the Avs). I am upset because these two franchises could be playing two colossal games that knock one of them out of the race for the playoffs. Instead we are getting two games between going for the playoffs and a team looking forward to golf.

I look at this and say why are the Oilers so bad? They got to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals last year. Sure they were an 8-seed, but they had a core of young players only poised to get better. They are playing in the "New NHL" where they wouldn't lose these players to other bigger budget teams. Yet here they are swamped in mediocrity, again, the same place they were in before the lockout.

Well this season it’s easy to see why…they lost Chris Pronger and they traded away Ryan Smyth which is the difference between an 8-seed and a lottery team. But why did they make these moves? Wasn’t this the type of thing that the lockout was supposed to cure?

Before the lockout the Oilers were, enthusiastically I might add, the poster child for the little franchise who couldn’t. They were constantly losing their good players to other franchises because they couldn’t compete with their big budget big brothers (like the Avalanche). The Oilers were the most vocal team out there in complaining about how they couldn’t compete. This was one of the fundamental reasons for the lockout.

Now here we are after the lockout and one of the Oilers reasons for not signing Smyth was he wanted too much money, and they just couldn’t afford it. Forget for the minute that they were extremely close to having a deal with him, and the difference was basically arguing about semantics. Why couldn’t they afford him? They are $3.5M under the cap. They didn’t get Pronger in the off-season. They had enough to shell out extra money for their supposed face-of-the franchise.

Instead they unceremoniously dealt him to the Islanders. Not only did this ignite the free fall of what has become the Oilers season (remember they were 3 points AHEAD of the Avs when they traded him), but since the trade the Oilers organization has seemed more intent on making sure their fans blame Ryan Smyth instead of the organization for losing him. In doing this they have conducted a smear Blitzkrieg that would make politicians proud. They are saying a lot of bad things about him basically saying he was being unreasonable. My favorite complaint by the organization is that he wouldn’t take a hometown discount. Wait we went through an entire lockout so that small market teams, most notably the Oilers, could offer the same amount of money to their stars as other teams do, now you want your most important (not to mention marketable and liked) player to ALSO take a discount? Shouldn’t the franchise show the franchise player how much he means to the franchise by giving him a little more money than he deserves.

The Oilers also lost Chris Pronger last year, and not for monetary reasons. The Oilers will be the first to point this out any opportunity they get. Sure this wasn’t their fault because Pronger’s wife didn’t want to live in Edmonton, but apparently she talked Nicklas Lidstrom, Zdeno Chara, Wade Redden, Ed Jovanovski, Rob Blake and Bryan McCabe into not wanting to play for Edmonton either. These were all free-agent Defensemen available with the money set aside for trying to resign Pronger.

So put yourselves in the shoes of a potential free agent, being pursued by the Edmonton Oilers. Here’s a franchise that:

² Didn’t make an effort to sign a significant free agent the year after almost winning the cup, but is still under the salary cap

² Championed the cause of the lockout, which cost me a year of my career.

² Just 2 seasons after the lockout asked their most important, celebrated and liked player to take a hometown discount, and whined when it wasn’t given to them.

² Wouldn’t spend market value for their face-of-the franchise player

² Go on to smear the reputation of one of the most liked players in the league, and the guy they were just saying was instrumental to them.

² Give up on a season in which a team behind them in the standings makes a serious playoff push, a year after they made the Cup finals as an 8-seed.

Umm… Why the hell would I ever consider signing with this franchise?

Compare all this to the Avs. They put up the dough for Sakic, the face-of-the-franchise. When they lost talented players, Rob Blake, Adam Foote, Peter Forsberg, Paul Kariya, Teemu Selanne to free agency their attitude was «Thank you for your service to the team. We wish we could keep you but understand that this is a business for the players as well as us. We appreciate all your contributions to this franchise. We wish you the best». Never mind that Blake kind up and left to LA. Kariya and Selanne played awful here and then great for future teams. Foote and Forsberg wouldn’t accept hometown discounts.

The Avs treated all of their departures with respect, class and above all professionalism. The Oilers have handled their departures with self-pity, and amateurism. Unfortunate is that this most affects Oilers fans, who are among the best there are. They are smart and passionate, and instead of watching their beloved Oilers play a pseudo-playoffs and battle to catch and pass their hated rival Calgary by beating the not-quite as hated Avalanche they are forced to either begrudgingly cheer against their team so the Avs catch the Flames, or futilely cheer for the Oilers allowing their hated rivals to get into the playoffs.

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GRRRR http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/grrrr.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/grrrr.html jibblescribbits@gmail.com (Jibblescribbits) March Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:38:00 +0000 Catching Fire (well Flames) http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/catching-fire-well-flames.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/catching-fire-well-flames.html Avs need to do some serious work in order to catch the Flames. Let's try to find their best shot at doing this. Let's look at the Avs remaining Games:

Avalanche :
@ Phoenix
San José
@ Edmonton
@ Edmonton
@ Vancouver
@ Phoenix
@ Calgary
@ Vancouver

@ Chicago
@ Minnesota
@ Minnesota
@ Vancouver
@ San Jose
@ Colorado

So the Avs also have a
game in hand. Let's start at the most critical games and work our way down, and see the Avs best chance to gain points...

First and foremost the Avs MUST win the game in Hand.. doesn't matter which one we count that as, but they HAVE to win it. Since the Avs play back-to-back and Calgary doesn't this weekend. We'll call the San José game Sunday the game-in-hand. The Avs MUST win it...+2pts

The next most important games are the 2 against Calgary. I think winning both in regulation is a little too far to stretch (especially since they won the last one in regulation) but they must win both, and allow Calgary at most 1 point. So they must gain 3 points there...+3 points. The good news is if they take care of their business (i.e. win the games they should) they only have 3 more points to make up. I think all games after the above ones are the same, so let's look at the NW division

In the NW division the Avs play:
Edmonton x 2 (away)
Vancouver x 3 (1 at home)
Minnesota x 1

In the NW division CGY plays
Minnesota x 3 (1 at home)
Edmonton x1 (at home)
Vancouver x 1 (away)

I think these schedules are pretty similar, with the Avs having one more game here... The Avs have to gain 2 points in these games (meaning only 1 point more, plus one from the NW game in hand)...+2pts

So the Avs have Phoenix twice and Nashville once (remember we counted SJ as the game in hand). Calgary has Nashville, Detroit, Chicago and San José

The Avs only need to gain a point here, but are short a game to do so. So the Avs need to beat Phoenix both times, and "push" with Nashville (i.e. CGY and COL need to earn the same amount of points against them). This means we need SJ or Chicago to beat CGY, but it can be in overtime Leaving one game left...

CGY vs DET. That's right Avs fans We have to root FOR the Red Wings (in regulation). I know this goes against our very soul, and our core being but sometimes you have to take one for the good of the team. MY recommendation.. Drink a lot of beer so you numb your soul for this game.

Oye sports make me sick...in a good way though]]>
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Hope springs eternal http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/hope-springs-eternal.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2007-articles/march/hope-springs-eternal.html
  • Stastny could keep his points streak going
  • Sakic will finish strong (like there's a doubt)
  • The rest of the young players will continue to play well.
Then, last night, they not only beat Calgary, but destroyed them. It wasn't even close. That makes me cautious because the score was only 3-2 Avs (as I predicted {Yossarian}). However the Avs are "Only" 3 pts out, have an easier schedule than Calgary and still play them 2ce. I should no not to give up until it's mathematically impossible.

It's nice to see the Avs play well for a continued stretch this season.. hopefully (playoffs or not) it continues into next year. I think the biggest thing with a young team is inconsistency and I think that's been the Avs biggest struggle all year.]]>
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