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Happy Holidays to all, I hope Santa brings Dion Phaneuf the lump of coal he gave Sean Avery last season]]>
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Things I'm thankful for (Hockey edition) http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/november/things-im-thankful-for-hockey-edition.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/november/things-im-thankful-for-hockey-edition.html
  • This clip:
  • NHL CenterIce, without which I would be a lost soul
  • the Hockey blogosphere, which entertains, enlightens, and enthuses me.
  • the quality and quantity of Avs bloggers, and the commenters in those blogs which have allowed me to discuss the Avs while living in San Jose.
  • Adrian Dater's temper
  • Scott Hannan helped save middle earth, and I'm thankful the Jibblewife noticed his cover:
  • ESPN doesn't broadcast Hockey
  • The Avs have been so good for so long that one down season evokes despair, instead of complacency
  • Peter Budaj has played well, thereby saving my credibility, oh and keeping the Avs from really sucking balls.
  • Two Stanley Cups
  • Ugly Hockey Sweaters, which let me know that the Avs Unipron could have been much much worse.
  • hockeyfights.com
  • HD
  • Paul Stastny and Adam Foote picked Hockey and not acting
  • TiVo
  • I'm thankful that I started my own Avs blog, which has been, and continues to be rewarding
  • Ian Laperriere's banana nose
  • Milan Hejduk's consistent professionalism
  • Paul Stastny's potential
  • Adam Foote's mean streak
  • Wojtek Wolski's future
  • JM-Liles development
  • Budaj's mask's
  • Eric Lindross's refusal to go to Quebec City
  • Forsberg's career
  • Mario Trembley's incompetance
  • "No more Rats" , "I couldn't hear him because I had 2 Stanley Cup rings in my ear"
  • "Forget the Rats, throw the Hats":
  • And of course, Joe Sakic

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (even Red Wings fans)

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The damning case against Tyler Arnason http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/october/the-damning-case-against-tyler-arnason.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/october/the-damning-case-against-tyler-arnason.html
1) The way Budaj keeps getting, at best, backhanded compliments and overly harsh criticism from Anti-Budaj central.
2) The utter awfulness that is the Calgary local announcing team. The play-by-play guy can't pronounce (It's Stastny, not Stash-ney) and the color guy may be the whiniest announcer in all of hockey. but the most upsetting thing to me, and I know thousands of other Avs fans, is:
3)The insistence of the Avs brass on keeping Tyler Arnason in the lineup. Avs fans have complained for months now about his reluctance to hit, his seemingly endless supply of turnovers, and his general uselessness on defense.

This kind of play drives Avs fans to pull out their hair, especially when a guy like Ben Guite, a solid defensive forward who occasionally chips in on offense and would have complimented Jones gritty play last night, is not helping since he's sitting in the press box. Even though it's almost blatantly obvious to everyone at this point that Arnason has become a complete liability on the ice so far this season. I tried to do a little statistical analysis to show just how much of a liability he's become.

First his basic stats aren't very good in the first place: Below is a table of your basic stats, sorted by points (I've highlighted the 3rd and 4th liners to highlight the guys he should be judged against):

Player G A P +/- PIM
Paul Stastny 2 9 11 3 8
Joe Sakic 2 7 9 -1 2
Milan Hejduk 6 3 9 3 0
Ryan Smyth 4 3 7 0 4
Wojtek Wolski 1 5 6 -1 6
Jordan Leopold 2 3 5 0 6
Darcy Tucker 1 3 4 -1 4
Marek Svatos 1 3 4 1 4
John-Michael Liles 1 3 4 0 2
Cody McLeod 3 0 3 1 19
Ian Laperriere 1 2 3 0 35
Ben Guite 1 2 3 2 4
Ruslan Salei 0 2 2 2 4
Cody McCormick 1 1 2 2 19
David Jones 1 1 2 -3 2
Scott Hannan 0 1 1 0 2
Brett Clark 1 0 1 2 2
Tyler Arnason 1 0 1 0 2
Adam Foote 0 0 0 0 4

Tyler Arnason is second to last in offensive production this season, and last among Avs forwards. I'm the first to admit that 9 games is still a small sample size, and it's possible he's going through a little slump. But, when you look a little deeper his slump is much worse than it appears. One of the statistics this blog likes the most is the scoring efficiency stat. This is a measure of how often a player scores, based upon his ice time. I think it's a substantially better measure of how productive a player is on offense. I call this stat Points/20min (P/20) which is how many points a player scores for every 20 minutes of time he is on the ice. Here's a look at the Avs P/20:
Player TOI tot P/20
Ben Guite 47.37 1.27
Paul Stastny 192.42 1.14
Milan Hejduk 188.38 0.96
Joe Sakic 189.57 0.95
Marek Svatos 95.67 0.84
Wojtek Wolski 144.55 0.83
Cody McCormick 50.65 0.79
Ryan Smyth 185.88 0.75
Cody McLeod 80.62 0.74
Jordan Leopold 141.57 0.71
Ian Laperriere 89.27 0.67
Darcy Tucker 150.97 0.53
John-Michael Liles 186.73 0.43
David Jones 98.4 0.41
Ruslan Salei 176.62 0.23
Tyler Arnason 105.5 0.19
Scott Hannan 174.27 0.11
Brett Clark 185.55 0.11
Adam Foote 175.13 0.00

First Guite's surprisingly high number is a direct result of a small sample size (he has 2 total points), but Tyler Arnason's numbers are pretty bad. He is surpassing only defenders, and the next lowest forward is more than 2ce as efficient of a scorer this season.

But the case against Arny doesn't stop there. I'll be the first to admit that good hockey players aren't limited to how many points they put on the board. Laperriere has relatively low numbers here as well, but everyone can tell he contributes in other ways. Defensively, and in an agitator (and protector) role. It's easy to see his value despite some low scoring numbers. So i took a loot at some other statistics that I think can be an indicator of how well players are contributing in other areas of the game. The NHL has stats for Hits, Blocked Shots, Giveaways, Takeaways, and shots. Again, I have converted those into an efficiency by making these categories:

H/20 (Hits per 20 minutes of ice time), BlS/20 (Blocked Shots per 20), GvA/20 (give aways per 20), and TkA/20 (Takeaways per 20). Here's how the Avs numbers fare in each of these categories:. (again 3rd and 4th line forwards highlighted for comparison):

If you sort each of those stats individually here's how Arnason ranks:

H/20: Arnason is dead last at 0.19, again it's not even close. The next closest is Milan Hejduk, who is at .32 hits/20. The only other players below 0.5 are: Joe Sakic (0.42), Paul Stastny (0.42), Marek Svatos (0.42) and Milan Hejduk (0.32). Notice anything else about that list... those guys make up for their lack of hitting by putting the puck in the net.

Player Hits/20
Cody McLeod 5.21
Cody McCormick 4.74
Ben Guite 3.38
Darcy Tucker 2.78
David Jones 2.44
Ian Laperriere 2.02
Ruslan Salei 1.81
Adam Foote 1.71
Ryan Smyth 1.40
John-Michael Liles 1.07
Wojtek Wolski 0.97
Brett Clark 0.86
Scott Hannan 0.80
Jordan Leopold 0.57
Joe Sakic 0.42
Marek Svatos 0.42
Paul Stastny 0.42
Milan Hejduk 0.32
Tyler Arnason 0.19

BlS/20: Arnason isn't last in this category.... he's third from the bottom. The only others below him: Hejduk and Svatos. Again two players who score points. Cody McLeod (0.25) and Cody McCormick (0.39) are the only two "close" to Arnason who score at a comparable rate.

Player BlS/20
Brett Clark 3.02
Scott Hannan 2.07
Jordan Leopold 1.84
Adam Foote 1.83
Ruslan Salei 1.59
John-Michael Liles 1.50
Ian Laperriere 1.12
Paul Stastny 0.94
Ben Guite 0.84
Wojtek Wolski 0.55
David Jones 0.41
Darcy Tucker 0.40
Cody McCormick 0.39
Ryan Smyth 0.32
Joe Sakic 0.32
Cody McLeod 0.25
Tyler Arnason 0.19
Milan Hejduk 0.11
Marek Svatos 0.00

GvA/20: Finally a category Arnason ranks near the top in, 2nd. Of course he's second in giveaways at 1.52 GvA per 20. Other players near him: Wojtek Wolski (1.94!) Paul Stastny (1.35), Ian Laperriere (1.34) and Ruslan Salei (1.25).

Player GvA/20
Wojtek Wolski 1.94
Tyler Arnason 1.52
Paul Stastny 1.35
Ian Laperriere 1.34
Ruslan Salei 1.25
John-Michael Liles 1.07
Marek Svatos 0.84
Brett Clark 0.75
Ryan Smyth 0.75
Joe Sakic 0.74
Scott Hannan 0.69
Adam Foote 0.69
Darcy Tucker 0.66
Milan Hejduk 0.53
Jordan Leopold 0.42
Ben Guite 0.42
David Jones 0.41
Cody McCormick 0.39
Cody McLeod 0.00

TkA/20: One of the only stats Arnason is actually good in (1.33). He is still significantly behind Ben Guite (1.69), Ian Laperriere (1.79) and David Jones (1.83), but he still sits ahead of everyone else, including Wolski (1.11) McLeod (0.99) and Ryan Smyth (0.97).

Player TkA/20
David Jones 1.83
Ian Laperriere 1.79
Ben Guite 1.69
Tyler Arnason 1.33
Wojtek Wolski 1.11
Cody McLeod 0.99
Ryan Smyth 0.97
Brett Clark 0.86
Joe Sakic 0.84
Paul Stastny 0.83
Adam Foote 0.80
Darcy Tucker 0.79
Cody McCormick 0.79
Milan Hejduk 0.64
Jordan Leopold 0.42
Marek Svatos 0.42
Scott Hannan 0.23
John-Michael Liles 0.21
Ruslan Salei 0.11

The numbers don't lie folks. The only benefit Arnason brings to the Avs (which is surprisingly his takeaways) is offset by his susceptibility to give it to the opponent. In every other category he is clearly inferior to his fellow 3rd and 4th line mates.

In conclusion, the numbers support what every Avs fan has been griping about for over a year. Tyler Arnason, doesn't play defense, he doesn't hit, he gives the puck away, and worst of all he doesn't score, yet he is getting significant ice time and taking it away from guys who are contributing to the team.

What is it going to take to bench Tyler Arnason?]]>
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I Believe in Peter Budaj http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/september/i-believe-in-peter-budaj.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/september/i-believe-in-peter-budaj.html

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The time has come to defend one of our own. In this election season I am launching a campaign. This is not a campaign to get one elected, or for change, but one for respect. Today, Avs fans, I want to launch a campaign that says "I am not worried about our starting goaltender. I do not believe the weak spot in this team is the goaltender. I have seen him play over three seasons and know he will be just fine." In short, it's time for us, Avs fans, to stand up and say "I believe in Peter Budaj."

Peter Budaj, the young man given a boatload of responsibility for the Avs, has been disparaged, denigrated, and doubted. He is playing a high profile position so the spotlight will always be bright, but the belittlement he has take, mainly from the mainstream media, has been over the top. This condemnation has come mainly from people, "analysts" that have barely seen the young man play. But I believe in Peter Budaj.

The only justification I can see for this disparagement is the fact that he "lost" a goalie competition with Jose Theodore last season. Anyone who uses this line of reasoning clearly has no insight into the Avs over the last 3 seasons. Peter Budaj put the Avs on his back in 06'-07 and nearly led the Avs into the playoffs. When given consistent starts as an Av his record is 31-10-7. Peter Budaj started the season strong before being inexplicably pulled last season. This is a guy who has done everything asked of him, without complaint, and who has earned the chance to start in the NHL. That's why I believe in Peter Budaj.

Sure his stats can be a bit misleading. His save % isn't the best and his GAA last season was slightly below average, all fair criticisms. However the media, especially nationally, is painting him as the worst goalie in the league. Despite little change for the Avs in the offseason, The Hockey News predicted the Avs would finish 14th in conference, mainly because of the man between the pipes. Scott Burnside, of ESPN, had this to say about our young goalie:
Do the Avs, once home to the greatest goalie of all time in Patrick Roy, now boast the worst goaltending in the NHL?
and in the ESPN the Magazine season preview for the Avs E.J. Hradek ranked the Avs as tied for the worst in the league in goaltending, with the Kings. And Wes Goldstein of CBS sports had this to say:
There are several question marks, most notably in goal where Peter Budaj and Andrew Raycroft seem better suited to be backups rather than starters.
But the most appalling slight on Budaj seems to be that the Avs brought in Andrew Raycroft to regain his Calder Trophy form and win the starting job, as if Budaj is a steward holding the position until Raycroft gets his groove back. But Budaj has earned the chance to be a #1 without a coach who pulls him after any mistake. He needs a coach who believes in Peter Budaj

This cesspool of negativity and doubt threatens to derail the Avs season before it even begins. If the team, and the fans , buy into the national medias misinformed Budaj-bashing the Avs will be sunk in the water. There will be talk of picking up a goalie, such as Khabibulin, or the dreaded goalie carousel we saw last season. It is imperative that Budaj gets the fans support, at least until a proper evaluation can be obtained. Right now he is being evaluated on hearsay and misleading stats. We, as fans, need to throw our support in for Budaj. Let him know that he is our goaltender, and we saw what he can do in "The Streak". That if the Avs can win a playoff series behind the goaltending of David Aebischer (with Granato behind the bench no-less) then Peter Budaj can have at least the same level of success. In short we need to let him know that:
We believe in Peter Budaj. Because

I believe in Peter Budaj

So below I have set aside virtual bumper stickers and buttons to post all over the web. Show your support in Peter Budaj by letting others know that you too, believe in peter budaj. They are designed to be Avatars and forum footers. I will have on at the top of the page here, and use on avatars throughout the interwebs. Let's show people that Avs fans believe in Peter Budaj. We know he will be fine. Here are your campaign "Stickers" and banners:

The Code for this banner can be found here: I believe in Budaj Banner 1

Code can be found here: Budaj Banner 2

Code found here: Budaj Banner 3

Code here: Budaj Poster 1

Code Here: Budaj Avatar 1 And a larger version here: Budaj Button 1
Code Here: Budaj avatar 2 Larger Version Here: Budaj Button 2
Code Here: Budaj Avatar 3 Larger Version here: Budaj Button 3
Code Here: Budaj avatar 4 Larger Version here: Budaj Button 4
Code Here: Budaj avatar 5 Larger Version here: Budaj button 5]]>
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Pilgramage http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/july/pilgramage.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/july/pilgramage.html jibblescribbits@gmail.com (Jibblescribbits) July Mon, 28 Jul 2008 16:02:00 +0000 Picking the Avs man-meat acquisition(s) for '08 (i.e Free Agency-Part 3) http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/june/picking-the-avs-man-meat-acquisitions-for-08-i-e-free-agency-part-3.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/june/picking-the-avs-man-meat-acquisitions-for-08-i-e-free-agency-part-3.html Addendum See last post for updates to salary structures

Time to look at the forwards. After sifting through the Defense and Goalies the Avs will be left with approximately $13-13.5M $15M for free agency. The Avs have several issues at forward, but first let's quickly recap the Sakic situation (despite talking about it plenty last week):

Despite the panic at the Denver Post, where every scribe seems to think this is "messy" and has handcuffed the Avs, the solution is eminently workable considering the Avs shouldn't be looking to go after one of the really big free agents this season. The only way it handcuffs the Avs is if Sakic wants last seasons salary. Considering he had an off season hampered by injuries and he's 38 it would be unreasonable for him to expect last years pay-day anyways (Remember he was coming off a 100-pt season for last years contract). Now factor in his retirement waffling and his desire to win one last cup with the Avs and the chances that he is getting $6M+ is minimal. I am positive FG and Sakic have talked and a strategy has already been developed. I think it means setting aside $4M for Sakic and using the remaining money for free agents. It's really that easy.

The Avs shouldn't be looking to eat up all their cap space anyways, because next season Stastny will want an extension and signing a big name this season could hinder that effort, which is a doomsday scenario. So keeping $4M around that might not get used isn't the worst idea anyways.

So here's the Avs depth chart in forward right now (assuming the RFA's re-sign here):

1st- Smyth Statny Hejduk
2nd- Wolski Arnason Svats
4th- McLeod Hensik Jones
CHK- McCormick Guite Lappy

So with the Sakic money set aside the Avs have about $9M $11M to spend. Even if the Avs get Sakic back, they could really use another center. Arnason had a stretch of 22 games last season where he scored 4 points (3 of those against the Oilers). That won't cut it on an NHL roster. Hensik looks like he needs one more season platooning back and forth from Erie (even though DD makes the solid case he should be getting good minutes) but I don't think anyone thinks he is good enough for 2nd line centering duties yet.

Dater also thinks a center upgrade is needed, although he thinks a checking line center is more appropriate. He mentions Yelle (one of my all-time favorite Avs) and Peca:

I’d really look hard for a third-line center, a guy who can play some defense, a guy with speed. Is Mike Peca a little long in the tooth for such a role? Perhaps. But he’s a guy I might think about pretty hard. He played in the Cup Finals just two years ago with the Oilers, and he’s got talent. The problem is, he’s getting older and he’s hurt a lot.

But I definitely think the time has come to dump Tyler Arnason from a third-line role, and just get a guy in there who wants to check and play good defense. The Avs need a shutdown, checking line, period.

Stephane Yelle is also going to be available. Does Yeller still have something left in the tank? I think he could give the Avs a good year, for sure. Don’t be shocked if that happens. He still has a place in the Denver area, by the way, and I know he never liked leaving here.
I think Guite is well suited to checking line center duties and finding a center who plays defense and chips in with some points is ideal. He needs to be able to fill that 2nd line role if called upon (considering both Sakic and Stastny had significant injuries last season, that is not far-fetched.) I took Mirtle's list of top scoring forwards and broke it down a little more. I added some players who intrigued me, cut out RFA's and calculated the points per 20 minutes of ice time (p/20). Here's how they fared:
Name ES-Points
PP-P PP-P/20
Mats Sundin 48
29 1.77
Martin Straka 31
9 0.86
Joe Sakic 21
19 1.65
Jason Williams 17
19 2.03
Curtis Brown 9
0 0.00
Josef Vasicek 28
5 0.88
Sergei Fedorov 22
17 1.28
Brenden Morrison 11
14 2.14
Yannic Perault 12
1 0.44
Michael Peca 19
14 1.66
Stu Barnes 17
0 0.00
Stephane Yelle 11
0 0.00

A few interesting names pop up here. The most intriguing to me is Brenden Morrison. He wore the "C" in Vancouver and would be an ideal fit between two young players, like Jones and McLeod or Wolski and Svatos. He is also good enough to jump up inot 2nd and even first line action for extended periods of time. Before last season (when he was mainly hurt) he was averaging about 2:00/game on the PK. He's 33 so he has a few good years in him still and his market value is down because he was hurt last season. Look at those powerplay points as well. Of all the players listed in that group (which includes Sakic and Sundin) Morrison has the highest points per 20 on the powerplay. The Avs could use another scorer (and center) on the powerplay.

The next name that pops up is an old nemesis: Sergei Federov. The guy was overpaid in Columbus leading many to believe he's washed up. But he still averages over 1/2 per 20 minutes of ice time. He also was getting 1:15/game on the penalty kill. He's shown the ability to adjust to 3rd line duties as well, but would be right in place on a second line. Federov also won 55.6% of his face-offs last season (an area the Avs are miserable in)

The other name that caught my eye was Dater's suggestion, Michael Peca. While not quite as proficient a scorer as Federov or Morrison, he still scores at just under 1 point every-other game. He also is a superb penalty killer and he could team with Guite to form the best PKing duo since the Yelle-Keene heydays. He could also be inserted onto the Guite-Lappy line to hold leads late in games. He has a respectable 52.7% face-off win percentage last season.

Yelle is also an interesting option, he certainly can still play shutdown defense and has a respectable 50.4% face-off percentage. But the way this team is set up, I think he would be a little wasted. He certainly can't fill a top 2 center position on this team. He would be a good backup plan if any of the other three are too expensive.

My Pick:

Brenden Morrison (3 years $3-3.5M/year)

Michael Peca, Sergei Federov, Stephane Yelle

For the love of god no:
Yannic Perault


If you look at the Avs lineup above I think they could use one more wing. Hejduk and Smyth are top notch, Wolski is good. The Svats machine is a nice player too, but I'd feel much more comfortable if someone could replace Brunette's production. I broke down the wings the same way I did the centers and here's my results (left wings listed first):

Left Wings
Name ES-Points
PP-P PP-P/20
Andrew Brunette 43
16 1.25
Kristian Huselius 41
25 1.61
Cory Stillman 36
29 1.78
Niklas Hagman 29
7 0.73
Jan Hlavac 33
1 0.18
Markus Naslund 33
22 1.50
Ruslan Fedetenko 22
9 1.21

Right Wings
Name ES-Points
PP-P PP-P/20
Pavol Demitra 40
13 1.10
Radim Vrbata 35
16 1.19
Marian Hossa 35
29 1.77
Brendan Shanahan 26
19 1.31
Jaromir Jagr 42
29 1.70
Brian Rolston 30
28 1.83
Owen Nolan 25
6 0.74
Miroslav Satan 28
13 0.83

Many people want the Avs to go after Brian Rolston to replace the almost assuredly outgoing Andrew Brunette. Well according to this list, no one is going to replace him. He scores at the most efficient pace out of any available FA wingers (that includes Hossa too). Rolston's numbers don't work out very well at all. Scoring slightly better than Owen Nolan and Miroslav Satan. In Rolston's defense his powerplay numbers are superb and he plays in a defensively aligned system. Here's the names that jump out at me a little:

Corey Stillman is the name that appeases me most at first glance. He scores at a respectable rate in even strength, and has excellent powerplay numbers (1.82 points per 20 minutes of ice time). He can also play on the PK a bit (or he did in Ottawa). I am not sure what kind of money he is looking for though and may be out of the Avs price range. He's also 34 which means he's starting the downslide of his career

Nikolas Hagman interests me as well. He should be a bit cheaper than Stillman and scores at nearly the same pace. He's really a poor mans Thomas Holmstrom. One stat that scares me off a little is that PP/20 of only .73, which is a full point less than Stillman. The Avs already have plenty of players who can score even strength but not on the powerplay. Hagman is an adept PKer as well.

Kristain Huselius Is a guy who, I feel, has been underrated his entire career. It doesn't help that Mike Keenan seems to follow him from town to town just to torment him due to some sort of inexplicable grudge. Huselius has terrific numbers despite playing for a coach who detests him. With numbers like that he may command a good salary, but he is being overlooked by playing in Calgary. One knock against him is that he won't work on the penalty kill.

Radim Vrbata May be a guy the Avs want to look into bringing back. he had a steller breakout season with Phoenix and is much younger than some of the other names on this list (27). Vrbata also played extensively on the PK last season. He may command too much salary being as young and talented as he is for the Avs.

My Pick:
Nikolas Hagman. 4-years $3M/season

Other note-ables
Vrbata, Stillman, Huselius

For the love of god no
Jagr, Naslund, Nolan, Shanahan

If these signings happen the Avs would be left with about $2.5M $4.5M left, plus the $4M set aside for Sakic so they could even re-sign Sakic to last years payroll. They could also go out and get a sold checking line forward, even though I think the Cody Mc's will fill that role just fine.

Addendum: because of a correction in the previous post, the Avs have a little more money to spend than I originally thought. This means they could probably offer Hagman and Morrison a little more money and still have plenty leftover to sign Sakic. if he want's. If not then they have a ton for Stastny's extension next season, plus FA's.

Addendum 2 Dario points out that Wolski and Svatos probably won't accept their RFA offers as is and will get substantial raises. I am guessing they will go back to where i orginally estimated, so you can probably use the struck through numbers.]]>
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Canucks Defenceman Luke Bourdon, 21, dead http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/may/canucks-defenceman-luke-bourdon-21-dead.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/may/canucks-defenceman-luke-bourdon-21-dead.html Chorus Sports in Montréal.. Vancouver Canucks Defenseman Luc Bourdon has died in a motorcycle accident.

He was a #1 pick in 2005 and played in only 27 games for the Canucks last season, and 9 games for them in '06-'07.

This is awful. RIP Luc

Update: In English
jibblescribbits@gmail.com (Jibblescribbits) May Thu, 29 May 2008 18:03:00 +0000
Detroit exposes the Avs fatal flaws. http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/april/detroit-exposes-the-avs-fatal-flaws.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/april/detroit-exposes-the-avs-fatal-flaws.html
The Avs had a few defensive breakdowns in game three and it cost them. Give Detroit a lot of credit, they know how to bury the puck. Franzen, Datsyuk and Zetterburg all knew how to bury any chance they got. For once it wasn't the Avs powerplay that let them down, but their penalty kill was awful this series. Their defense, which looked so good in the first series, looked slow in the first three games. Zetterburg and Datsyuk are two of the best (easily top 10) in the league and they made the Avs defenders look bad a couple times.

There's obviously excuses, refereeing (Dater's 100% right here. There were some bad calls against the Avs, but there were bad ones both ways. When Forsberg lit up Kronvall it should have been interference. There was a boarding call against the Avs late that should have been called. And of course the Forsberg take-down and there was a blatent trip on an Av in their own zone not called. Those are all just in the third period. The NHL needs to address the officiating in the offseason, lest they become the NB, digressing again), injuries, the flu, but The Avs lost 3 straight to a better team. Before the series I wondered how good the Avs really were. Well there's the answer, they awere appropriately seeded in the 6th spot. They are a good team with a couple fatal flaws.

The good news is that their young players looked terrific in this series. Hensik was flying around the rink tonight. Jones looked great. Liles, despite nearly being traded this season, was excellent again tonight. McCormick seems to be a solid 3rd line player. With another season of seasoning Cumisky will be ready for a season like this. The Avs core is a good one. This is a team on the rise, not the fall and should be good for the next few years. (I'm not sold on McLeod still. He makes too many mental mistakes trying to be "the pest).

But now, After three games, it's clear Detroit's the better team this season. The Avs had no answer for the Red Wings PP, they took stupid penalties all series and Detroit does what great teams do, they take advantage. You look 5 vs 5 tonight and the Avs more than held their own, they probably even played a little better, but Detroit took their opportunities to put the Avs away. Anyways some final notes on the game:

♦Sakic quietly had another great game. He has looked a little slow at times this season, but there's clearly gas in the tank

♦Forsberg clearly has gas in the tank, but the transmission is falling out, the brakes are bad, and the floor is rusting out.

♦Theo was below-average tonight. He only gave up 1 really bad goal (the Franzen goal in his 5-hole.) But He got beat shortside twice and the post bailed him out bigtime. The Fillpula shot had no business ever hitting the post. He did have some excellent saves though, but he was inconsistent all night. This series has cost him at least $2M/year in his next contract. That's why you sit if you're really sick kids.

♦The Salei-Skrastins trade looks like an absolute steal right now.

♦Why isn't the Guite line getting more shifts against Zetterburg and Datsyuk in this series?

♦Sauer is a good player, but he gets victimized the most by those speedy forwards. He had a truly awful series.

♦The Avs at least came out and put up a really good fight tonight. IT was their last stand (maybe) and they were up to the task. A couple unlucky bounces and a few miscues doomed them, but they played pretty well overall.]]>
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Total Fucking Morons http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/march/total-fucking-morons.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/march/total-fucking-morons.html really didn't want to write about another article so soon after skewering one, but when something so vilely disgusting and extraordinarily moronic is written, I feel the need to point it out. I am sure it's better if I just let it fade away and drowned in it's own miserable ignorance, but this may be the worst piece of elephant shit EVER written for a newspaper. Read the piece and you'll know I'm not talking in hyperbole. I mean unless he let a member of the "violently retarded, doped up on acid after 24 hours of waterboarding at Guantanamo bay society" (or VRDUOAATFHOWAGBS for short) write this piece of bloated roadkill carcass filled with maggots after three muggy summer days there's really no excuse for the gross level of imbecility that can be covered by this. This is the kind of crap that passes for intelligent at newspapers these days? Really? If Newsmen want to know why "their medium is dying" it's because they let opinions like this cover their pages.

The real question is, Does this man really believe the festering puss-filled rotting corpse of an article that he wrote? Either he does believe it, in which case he's about as smart as a frequently concussed opossum after three nights in a nuclear reactor. The other possibility is that he doesn't believe what he wrote, which makes him the about as respectable as the unification of emerald ale, whiskey, chewing gum, and vomit on the bottom of my shoe after a night at O'Leary's on St. Patty's Day.

And I'm sure he's to high and fucking mighty to slum it up in the blogs, but if he actually gets wind of this here's a little medical lesson for the dipshit. Three broken vertebrae in Steve Moore's neck certainly qualifies as both "near-fatal" and "broken neck". So Pierre LaCroix was right you fucking numbskull. It wasn't
...just another bad hockey hit shown on sports shows the day after and again when the suspension is announced.
. Umm no, the guy broke three vertebrae in his fucking neck. Last time I checked that's pretty fucking rare in hockey. Unprecedentedly rare.

Who has ever had a press conference to announce a fourth liner had suffered an injury? With not the least evidence to suggest that the minor damage in Moore's neck was even caused by the hit, Lacroix takes the offensive publicly to make sure Bertuzzi gets suspended by the league, something that was going to happen in any case.

You know who, the Buffalo Bills had that press conference after Kevin Everett broke his neck. The Florida Panthers had that press conference after Richard Zednik nearly blead to death in front of a live audience. You know why, because those are fucking catastrophic injuries you moron. Steve Moore had a catastrophic injury that your passing off as a god damned paper-cut. Do you know Kevin Hench? I should hook you two up, then you can sit around your hallucinogenic TV sets and recall how Lou Gehrig was a pussy, and Joe Theisman should have just rubbed some dirt on it.

And another thing- No evidence? Seriously? How about "He was fucking skating before Bertuzzi hit him, and then after that he head to be taken off on a god damned stretcher because he couldn't fucking move without risking his life"? That's not enough evidence for you? Maybe he made an announcement for the same reason those other organizations had an announcement. Because he wanted to give all the people who actually worried about the incident (you know humans who actually care about another's well-being) an update to let them know how serious it was.

But congrats Tom Tony Gallagher, who gets the first ever "Total fucking moron" tag, god knows he's earned it.]]>
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Rivalry reignited? http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/february/rivalry-reignited.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2008-articles/february/rivalry-reignited.html
A lot of people got all teary-eyed and red-faced as The Avs and Beige Wings played a game eerily reminiscent of the old "Blood Feud" Days last night that has many people thinking the rivalry is renewed. Hell nearly every, Red Wing and Red Wing fan is saying Lappy's hit on Lidstrom was dirty. And visions of Claude LeMieux on Draper danced in everyone's head. So I can understand if people want to get carried away.The Blood Feud nostalgia then bubbled over as Mike Babcock and Tony Granato got into a heated exchange that invoked memories of the Crawford-Bowman argument many moons ago.

But every outside observer with hockey knowledge I have seen has called it clean. Eric McErlain said:
Colorado's Ian Laperriere delivered a hard, but undeniably clean, check to Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom. The hit pinned Lidstrom to the glass just inside the Avalanche defensive zone, and his head appeared to snap back and hit the plexiglass.
And Deadspin Closer, 4th period writer, and Fanhouse blogger Greg Wyshanski called the hit "legal and fairly clean".

The Blood Feud was so fun because the two teams were battling for the Stanley Cup, and the winner would get it. The Avs are currently in 10th place in the Western Conference. The Blood Feud was fun because the teams were evenly matched, Detroit swept the season series 4-0, outscored the Avs 11-2 and haven't even allowed an Avs goal in over 214 minutes.

No last night's game wasn't a return to the Blood Feud, but it was a chance for a wakeup call for two recently struggling teams, and Lappy's hit on Lidstrom provided the spark that could ignite a run for both teams. Babcock recognized that spark and capitalized by sending out Downie, yelling at Granato, and firing up his team. Quenneville responded by ignoring the incident, sending his assistant to yell back at Babcock, and taking an excruciatingly stupid and ultimately devastating bench minor]]>
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