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Darren Dreger Had the following tweet this morning:

CBJ will be looking for a D-man and may move a winger if the right fit can be found.

As apparently the Blue Jackets want a replacement for Rostislav Klesla, who went down last night with a *gulp* torn groin.

If there's anything I like doing here at Jibblescribbits more than making fun of that yellow-bellied charlatan Dion Phaneuf, it's playing virtual GM and trying to improve the Avs.

One nice thing about the Avs is: With the emergence of Cumiskey and Wilson as solid NHL players (and Ruslan Salei coming back from injury maybe any day now. Possibly, maybe.) The Avs have at least 8 capable NHL defensemen. If injuries hit hard and push came to shove the Avs could always call up Derek Peltier, whom I thought played ok in limited shifts last season.

Oh, and the Avs needed a winger BEFORE David Jones went down with a season-ending injury. Now they desperately need a winger. So I think a trade between the two clubs makes a lot of sense.

I see the Avs D-man trade bait thus far as Clark, Foote and Salei as all three have expiring contracts at the end of the season. (Liles is also a possibility). Salei's trade value is low since he hasn't played this season, and I'm guessing that Columbus is in no hurry to get their former captain, Adam Foote, back (and Foote's not in any hurry to go back to Columbus for that matter. That leaves Brett Clark (Whom I've hammered before, but his last 10 games or so he's been decent).

The most likely return for Clark would be either Fredrick Modin (LW) or Raffi Torres (also LW). Modin hasn't played this season and should be returning from a sprained MCL any day now (according to his Yahoo page). Both Torres and Modin are UFAs at years end.

Honestly, If I were Sherman, I'd start trying to talk about a Clark for Torres swap. And I'd probably settle on Clark + 4th rounder for Torres. It helps both teams, and seems pretty fair (IMO). Not sure what CBS fans would think of the deal, but this would be a rental that helps both teams this season, with no repercussions for future salary.

It seems like win-win to me.]]>
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Wilson deserves a suspension http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/november/wilson-deserves-a-suspension.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/november/wilson-deserves-a-suspension.html Wilson's hit on Ethan Moreau is going to be looked at by the league. I've tirelessly argued for suspension for guys who launch themselves into other players and in this case Wilson did launch himself into Moreau, and deserves a suspension. If you haven't seen, or don't remember, the hit here it is:

He's going to get one for all the wrong reasons, and here's why he'll get one:

a) Moreau is one of EDM's best players, Wilson isn't one of Colorado's.
b) Moreau was injured on the play with a concussion.

So when the NHL suspends him Avs fans can be (justifiably) angry at the NHL because of the double standard that's more than obvious in these cases. This hit is clearly less malicious and dangerous (and less illegal) than the Paneuf on Okposo preseason hit.

That being said, the hit is still dangerous and part of a problem in the game. Wilson was jumping into Moreau (even if his feet were on the ice at the moment of the hit). He was using his legs to drive upwards into Moreau, and that's dangerous (and in my opinion charging). Yes Moreau's head was down, but that doesn't give Wilson (or any hitter) Carte Blanche to hit in a careless manner.

Now I don't think Wilson was trying to hurt Moreau, just land a big hit. I don't view these hits as dirty, but more as careless. The reason they are occurring so often is because they are accepted in hockey, and that's the biggest problem. Wilson has learned to hit like this since he was a tyke, and he could have easily achieved the same result (from a play perspective) by driving his legs forward and putting his shoulder into Moreau's chest, yet he used his legs as a springboard (a small one compared to other hits I've analyzed in the past.) and that, to me, is the error in this and many other hits.]]>
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How far will the Avs fall. http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/october/how-far-will-the-avs-fall.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/october/how-far-will-the-avs-fall.html Mirtle had two posts about it, The Puck Stops here weighed in on it, and after the Calgary game, Matchsticks and Gasoline had some rather harsh thoughts on it as well. There have plenty of offhanded remarks in some MSM publications about how flukey the Avs have bee.

Avs fans took some offense to the comments, mainly because it seems like everyone is downplaying some of the Avs accomplishments and poo-pooing on our wonderfully surprising parade. It feels like one of the main reasons why people outside the Avs are focusing on the negatives is because people assume how the Avs ended last season is their “normal” so this can’t possibly be real. They think last year the Avs played exactly where they should play and that this hot start can’t possibly hold because the Avs are as bad as last season, ignoring the fact that

a) There’s been numerous changes for the better
b) The Avs were plenty unlucky last season and shouldn’t have been as bad as they were.

When everyone (and people in the Avs roundtable included in this) made prognostications we all accepted last season as normal, and forgot that the same team made the playoffs the season before last. There are plenty of indicators that the Avs were an incredibly unlucky team last season (Injuries and shooting percentage being two areas I have noticed).

Essentially the Avs shouldn’t have been as bad as they were last season, and probably should have finished in the 12th or 11th range. this season they have improved since last season (that should be obvious to anyone) and they are playing a bit above their heads.

when people talk about the Avs, they should be keeping all three of those things in mind (where they should have been, improvement, and playing above their heads), but all anyone focuses on is the latter, and assumes that they’ll return to where they were last season, which would take an unprecedented amount of bad luck to happen.

How much bad luck would it take for the Avs to "Collapse" as some have suggested? Well Gabe over at Behind the net took a look at teams with similar hot starts. Even if the Avs are a below average team, compared to teams with similar starts, they are likely to finish with around 98 points, and approximately a 6 seed in the Western Conference. That's a long ways from "falling off a cliff" or "The wheels coming off".

There are plenty of indicators that the Avs are playing a bit over their head at the moment, and plenty of reasons to think they have cooled off. But this team is fundamentally better than last seasons crew (and honestly, I think they are a better team than 07-08 Avs). They will cool off and won't finish with 139 points, but finishing with 95+ points would be a monumental accomplishment, and hardly warrants some of the strong language used.]]>
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Stoas reassignment means no excuses for Wolski http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/august/stoas-reassignment-means-no-excuses-for-wolski.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/august/stoas-reassignment-means-no-excuses-for-wolski.html Via Mirtle twitter)

This means that Wojtek Wolski is on the hot seat this season. Right now the Avs LW's look like this (remembering that Wolski is being moved back to LW this season, via Dater):

Wojtek Wolski
Darcy Tucker
Cody McLeod
Matt Hendricks
David Koci

I've been a supporter of Wolski for a long time, and want to see him succeed, but to be honest my patience is starting to wear a little thin. To single Wolski out for lackluster play down the stretch last season would be unfair. There are plenty of players that fall under that umbrella. On the other hand, as an enormously talented first round draft pick, expectations for him are higher than other players. He needs to be more than a complimentary player. right now he's playing like a third liner.

That said, Wolski is more valuable to the Avs than his stats will indicate, As long as the wretched shootout is in place. Starting 85% of your shootouts with a 1-0 lead is probably worth 5-10 points a season. In a league where the 6th and 10th spot in the west was separated by 4 points, that's a big deal. But he'd be even more valuable if he couold add 60-70 points a season, instead of the sub-50 he's been adding.

The thing is, there's always been a bit of a built in excuse for him. He was extremely young when he started out. Coach Quenneville was always trying to turn him into a player he wasn't (I compared him to a poor mans Joe Thornton). Then he got saddled with Tony Granato as the head coach. Much of the time he was saddled with Tyler Arnason as his center, which is a handcuff for even the best players, even though it should be noted he spent a lot of time on Joe Sakic's line as well.

Well all those excuses are gone now. He's on his third coach, he's 23, and he'll be on the first line with Paul Stastny and Milan Hejduk.]]>
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Profilile: Ryan "Snook" O'Reilly http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/july/profilile-ryan-snook-oreilly.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/july/profilile-ryan-snook-oreilly.html I was doing some research for what I do best, which is argue on the internet, on Ryan O'Reilly, the Avs 2nd round draft choice. I came across quite a few stories about O'Reilly, and since nearly all Avs fans have heard a lot about Matt Duchene, I thought it might be a good idea to take an in-depth look at the Avs second round pick, and his path to the NHL. So here's the links to the interesting stories I found.

The first is a profile from Sept 2008 by Patrick King of Sportsnet.CA, (via Matchsticks and Gasoline) which explains Ryan O'Reilly's nickname, "Snook".
"I think he heard it a lot when he was younger; he has Irish background. It's some sort of Irish word for a mischievous kid."
(Personally when I think of "Snook"I think of Olive Snook (right), and that makes me happy on multiple levels. R.I.P. Pushing Daisies!)

King's profile is probably my favorite, because it features quotes like this one from Erie Otters coach Robbie Ftorek:
"He pushes himself too much sometimes but it's all for good reasoning," Ftorek said. "One of my hardest things with him is to get him to relax a little bit and to realize it takes 20 people to win and also 20 people to lose.
And this one:
"He takes things quite hard. He's very driven and he doesn't like to lose."
And this one from teammate Shane Owen:
"I've never seen someone so dedicated to the sport before," Owen said. "He does everything he can just to make himself better."
The Avs really need someone like that, and with both Duchene and O'Reilly they have it.

The next profile I found was an interview he did with hockey's future in February. There's not a lot of scouting in it, but it's a normal interview of an 18 year old, which is to say not very in-depth. But it's interesting enough to take a gander at.

On June 4th the OHL Prospect Blog did a little write-up about the top-20 OHL prospects, and "Snook" O'Reilly ranked #9.
There is little O’Reilly is not able or at least willing to do on the ice. He can score, hit, play defence, win faceoffs, kill penalties and in general play in almost any situation. At the next level, I do not see big offensive potential, but would be surprised if he does not make the NHL in some capacity. The limiting factor with O’Reilly is his skating. Not only is he not that quick, but his stride is technically weak, leaving him without much room to improve his power, acceleration, balance or agility.
So the Avs drafted a player with all the skills, but lacking in the skating department. Hey that sounds familiar. In fact here's what Inside College Hockey said about one of the Avs recent 2nd round draft picks in their draft review:
“He’s a very smart player and he’s solid physically. He sees the ice so well, and that’s what jumps out at you when you watch him. He’s always in the right place and reads the play so well that he’s able to drop back defensively if needed. His skating needs to improve, but that’s not going to prevent him from playing at a higher level.”
Sound familiar?... That's their take on a certain Paul Stastny in 2005.

Matchsticks and Gasoline, a very good Calgary Flames blog, had a scouting report before the draft this season as well:
O'Reilly played for a lousy Eerie Otters last year and his results were "good" but not great. He managed a second best 66 points on the back of a team high 50 assists. His +1 rating wasn't significantly out of line with the team average, although there were much better (+24) and much worse (-21) players on the club by this metric.
The Nashville Predators website also had this nice blurb on him (at the very bottom):
Ryan’s very reliable defensively, almost to a fault, almost to a point where his statistics belie his skills. If he was almost more selfish, more of a go-get-it offensive player – and he has that type of raw talent – I think he’d be putting up bigger numbers and we scouts tend to fall in love with goals and assists and use them as a crutch when justifying our rankings. Well with Ryan O’Reilly, he’s an all-around good player, who the more you watch him, the more you appreciate how much he contributes in all facets of the game – faceoff, penalty killing, defensive play, the ability to check the John Tavares’s of the league in a match-up role.
Why do the Preds have a blurb on Ryan O'Reilly, because his older brother Cal is a member of their system. What matters is that I really like what the Preds scouts had to say about him, because that's exactly the type of player the Avs need.

You can also take a look at the "hometown"-boy-does-good" article from The Huron Expositor.

NHL.com did a 5 questions with Ryan O'Reilly:
Finally, if you are of the Hockey jersey collecting variety you can get yourself a customized Ryan O'Reilly Lake Erie Otters customized sweater. Stick with their 3rd's because their normal ones are hideous.

In fact that's probably also an advantage for O'Reilly, he's probably so used to playing in a atrocious sweater (left, if you dare look directly at it) that the transition to the unipron shouldn't affect him at all.

All-in-all I like what I hear about O'Reilly more and more every day. The only knock anyone had on him was his skating (which was echoed by the doctor on his development camp report). I'm not too worried about the poor skating, because the Avs actually have a pretty good history at working with shaky skaters (like Stastny and Chris Stewart). I look at O'Reilly being the Avs version of Jordan Staal, a talented hard-working 3rd line center who has the skills to penalty kill, contribute offensively, and win face-offs.]]>
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It's Jori's world http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/june/its-joris-world.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/june/its-joris-world.html
Just remember that Jori, aka Angelique, who blogs at her own site Avs Prospects and also covers prospects over at Mile High Hockey Has been on the ball all weekend, despite her "vacation". She was insanely informative in her draft preview over at MHH,

Oh on top of that she has been absolutely killing the Gustavsson coverage.

It's Jori's time of year folks...]]>
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Lacroix http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/may/lacroix.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/may/lacroix.html check out the 7th entry in a google search for Pierre Lacroix, somehow I don't think this bodes well for my chances at the open GM position), but I really hope he has a full recovery from this.

I may be frustrated with people, but I never wish for injury or worse, not even for Dion Phaneuf.]]>
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Quick Scribbits http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/april/quick-scribbits.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/april/quick-scribbits.html
Adrian Dater asks :
I remember much of last season, and especially after the season was over, how many “Q is the problem”, “Q must go!” people there were. Dozens and dozens. Joel Quenneville and his system were the problems with the Avalanche. Once he left, problem solved, you said.
You know who you are.
Well, I just want to ask you: want to revise that opinion now?
Quenneville was still not the best fit for the Avs (even though he would have been a better fit than Granato)

I've laid out why my opinion of him hasn't changed before, but I think he's in the perfect situation for him in Chicago. It's a situation that mitigates his weaknesses, and plays to his strengths, and It wouldn't surprise me if he even won a cup in Chicago this season.
• Khabibulin is a proven veteran goaltender who was the clearcut better goalie for the 'Hawks this season, thus eliminating Q's consistent goalie tinkering.
• The Blackhawks have 3 outstanding breakout-passing defensemen: Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith, and Brian Campbell. It's no secret that the Avs scored the majority of their goals on the rush when Q was coach.
• Q's "everyone below the endline" offense requires players to have the stickhandling creativity to beat a defender 1-vs-1 to set up odd-man situations. Havlat, Kane, Versteeg, Sharp, Campbell and Toews all have that creativity. Stastny and Wolski (and Brunette when he was here) are the only Avs with that creativity. The Avs offense was ill-fitting to that style. The Avs needs a coach that can use the strong passers (Stastny, Sakic, Hejduk, Wolski, Smyth, Salei, Liles, Leopold, Clark, and to a much lesser extent Arnason and Hensick) to set up Snipers (Hejduk, Sakic, Wolski, Stastny, Svatos) or Pinching Defensemen (Liles, Salei, Leopold, Clark) for shots that go in or allow the power forwards (Jones, Stewart, Smyth) to screen and bang in rebounds. Q's system never took advantage of the Avs excellent passers to create shooting lanes.
• Quenneville sours on players, and can't seem to ever let them out of his doghouse. And he sweetens on players and they can do no wrong. His grudges were fully developed in Colorado, but haven't been established on a young Blackhawks team (yet).


DD has started his Avalanche grades . If you haven't checked them out before on his old site, In the Cheap Seats. I realize it's the off-season, but these are must-read for Avs fans, as DD has a very astute analysis of all the Avs players. They are also a nice read throughout the summer.


Updated Playoff Pool Standings:

1. Holy the Goalie 69.00

Jibblewife 69.00

slagmacg 69.00
4. Dario 68.00

Drakenlot 68.00

Savage33 68.00
7. JoeyNecktie 67.00
8. Shane 66.00
9. StructuralPoke 64.00
10. Adam19 63.00
11. Afino 63.00
12. Disco Stu 62.00
13. Jibblescribbits 60.00
14. StupidFlanders 60.00
15. Spec7ral 59.00
16. Monkey Love 58.00
17. Mike@MHH 55.00
18. Tilt'd Toledo 55.00
19. The Tulsa Terrors 49.00

My wife is beating me (and almost everyone else too...). This is unacceptable, because I will never hear the end of it if she happens to win. Defending champ, StructuralPoke, is well within striking position, as is just about everybody.]]>
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An Unmitigated Disaster http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/march/an-unmitigated-disaster.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/march/an-unmitigated-disaster.html Woody Paige,
It's better to stay silent and look a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubt.
--Mark Twain

I know, I'm ripping on a mainstream guy just one week after it feels like we've made significant progress, but I can't let his latest article fly without addressing the bizarre, absurd, or impossibilities inherent in his suggestions. I'm not here to rip the writer, but Woody Paige is trying to bake an avalanche cake using ingredients that are a decade old. (See since this is done in the spirit of the now defunct Fire Joe Morgan, God rest his sould, I thought I'd throw in a food metephor.)

First he starts with 122 words (and 5 paragraphs!) which insinuating that Stan Kroenke, who now owns 20.5% of English Premiership Club Arsenal, pays more attention to them than the Avs, which he sums up with:
Arsenal is in the playoffs; the Avalanche is not
Which is all well and good until you realize that Arsenal is also 79.5% not controlled by him. Oh yeah and there's the fact that Arsenal doesn't have a salary cap, is one of the richest and most profitable teams in the world, plays in a league where competitive balance is not even thought of as a goal, and that when Stan didn't have a Salary Cap the Avs always made the playoffs, and won 2 championships. But other than those factors they are extremely comparable situations.

After some more words, I guess talking about how the owner doesn't care about the Avs, he finally gets around to talking about the hockey team:

Rebuild? How about a complete remake?
Let's start with changing, and not sparing, the general manager, the coach, the goalies, the defensemen, the centers and the wings. And finish with the sticks and skates.
Hmm that's an extremely ambitious plan. Some of it could be accomplished fairly easily, some of which will require a very creative and well thought out plan. Let's see if Woody provides us with such a plan.
The stuff Avs president Pierre should be discussing is the hiring of a new general manager — the old general manager.

hmm I guess this could work. There's certainly been some speculation that this could be the case, and it isn't a terrible move (although the Avs are partially in this mess because of some of Pierre's moves). I'm intrigued... go on Woody
And once Pierre retakes over, he should discuss hiring a new coach, the old hockey goalie.

Patrick Roy.
Wait... what!?! Wasn't this season a perfect example of why you should do a proper coaching search before just hiring the guy with links to championships past. I realize Patrick Roy is working on making his way up to the NHL coaching ranks, but Patrick seems to realize that the best way for him to become a successful NHL coach is to start in the junior leagues, then work his way up to AHL or NHL assistant and then to head coach, which will prepare him for the job. Why are people so quick to put him behind the bench. He's been a coach for a QMJHL franchise for 3-4 years now and had some success. He's certainly ready to move up... but I don't think it's wise to go straight from QMJHL to NHL.

But Paige has a plan for this:
And he and Roy could discuss hiring a new assistant coach, the old head coach.

Bob Hartley.
Wait... What!?! Even if the Avs were to re-hire Hartley, wouldn't you want to hire Hartley as the head coach, you know with a cup and coach of the year award in his resume, and hire Roy as the assistant?

And let's not even start with how the Avs should stop with this nearly incestuous obsession with re-living the glory years of 10 years ago by bringing everyone whose ever been a part of the franchise back. There's some good, smart qualified hockey people that have never been a part of the Avs organization. I know that may sound like an epiphany, but it really is true. Let's try to find a few of those guys (or girls)...
And they could discuss the hiring of a new general manager-in-waiting, the old Avalanche player.

Eric Lacroix.

And all could discuss the convincing of Joe Sakic to play another season.

..Or we could go with good ol' fashioned nepotism, because that surley hasn't been part of the root cause of this entire debacle at all. (although i'm on board for bringing Sakic back).

Then, everybody could discuss the drafting of a great young player in the first round, the getting rid of the team's two goaltenders and the signing of a new one in free agency, the adding of a great young defensive free agent, the promotion of the team to the thousands of fans who have given up and the return of Howler as the team's mascot.
Woody: 2 - 2 + 1 = 1.

If the Avs jettison 2 goalies, and add one, they still need one more. signing goalies in free agency costs more money than signing restricted free agents (Budaj). If you want to give Weiman a chance as backup you should add "and call-up Weiman".

Not only that, how in the hell are you going to afford another defenseman? You just blew our free agent load on Sakic and a new goalie. Besides we are already spending $18M in cap room on the defense next season. If we've got this magic money that is able to bypass the NHL's salary cap, maybe we should spend some of it on an offense that currently ranks last in the NHL in goals per game. I'm assuming Howler is coming back to become a 4th line winger, because he's the only one the Avs could afford to fit under the cap if the next Avs GM makes Woody's moves.
Pierre can train Eric — who has experience in all phases of the game — to replace him someday, and Bob can continue to mentor Patrick — who is the (fiery) coach, general manager and co-owner of a junior team in Quebec. Roy has leaned on Hartley, his ex-coach, since becoming a coach, and could utilize the Stanley Cup ring leader as a bench assistant. Roy is ready, and he and Hartley are being mentioned prominently as candidates for the job with the Montreal Canadiens.

Francois Giguere and Tony Granato should be retained by the organization, but not run the organization.
WHY!?! WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? Why should the Avs retain FG or TG? Most people try to move ahead linearly, but not the Avs or Avs fans. They continue to try and make the Avs forward progress look like a hysterisis loop.

Tony Granato's most note-able accomplishments with the Avs are:
• A flame-out of epic proportions in which he squandered one of the most talented line-ups ever assembled and ended the career of Patrick Roy.
• A season where he assembled a roster similar to one that made the second round of the playoffs the season before and flew it so far into the earth he may have unintentionally struck sweet sweet Swedish Oil.
• Stunted the growth of every Avs young forward other than a few grinders.

Please give me one good reason why Tony Granato deserves to get a paycheck from the Avalanche organization, other than as a full-time living enshrinement in the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame as worst Rocky Mountain region professional coach/blernsball player of all time. Why not just hand the guy a $20M bonus and golden parachute while you're at it?

With the top pick, possibly, in the draft, and a couple of unrestricted free agents, defenseman Jay Bouwmeester and goalie Ty Conklin, and Paul Stastny and Sakic healthy and the development of a few other young players, and the changes at the top, the Avalanche could be a factor, not a flicker, in the Western Conference again.
Ty Conklin?!? Seriously. You want to jettison the goalies and fix the problem with: Ty fucking Conklin. Are you sure you didn't mean Josh Harding, Kari Lehtonen or even Antero Niittymaki. Ty Conkiln? And not only that you're suggestion is that he's so good that the Avs don't even need to bother signing a back-up.

And how in the world are you going to afford Jay Bouwmeester? The Avs do not have this massive stockpile of cash for next season (and it has nothing to do with Kroenke investing money into Arsenal. It has everything to do with bad contracts coming back to bite the Avs in the ass under the NHL salary cap.) The Avs can't afford him, especially if Sakic comes back. Don't believe a dumb ass blogger, fine. Talk to your colleague.

The owrst part of this re-building process has been to listen to people talk about bringing back ghosts from Avalanche past to run the franchise. The arrogance it takes to suggest that only people associated with either the 2001 or '96 cup run are viable candidates to lead the Avs into the future is just astounding.
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Yeah.... about that. http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/january/yeah-about-that.html http://www.jibblescribbits.com/2009-articles-blogspot/january/yeah-about-that.html
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrjwaqZfjIY&hl=en&fs=1] ]]>
jibblescribbits@gmail.com (Jibblescribbits) January Fri, 30 Jan 2009 17:49:00 +0000