NHL TV Shows

So I'm working in my garage on Friday evening drinking a beer, playing with power tools, and listenning to Sirius-XM's Alt Nation when all of a sudden Ryan Miller joins the DJ in the studio. It turns out he's a huge Alternative music fan and so he went to the studio and picked 8 songs to play. For the record his playlist was:

Kings of Leon - California Waiting, Molly's Chamber
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will Roll, Maps
Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch, Lazy Eye
White Stripes - My Doorbell, Hardest Button to Button

If Ryan Miller had a lineup that strong in front of him every night, the Sabres would win the  President's Cup.

After establishing his alt music credentials (That's a solid B+ in my book), he also appeared on VH1's top 20 countdown, which brings up two things: 1 VH1 is still a TV station? Who knew? More importantly it's getting another hockey player out in the "mainstream" and on TV, which is only good for hockey. He also opened up the door for other NHL stars to go on TV. Here's a list of which NHL stars, and former stars, are going to be appearing on other TV shows.

- Martin Brodeur will be an uninvited guest on Food Networks Ace of Cakes

- The Mythbusters take a look at Chris Osgood's hall of fame credentials

- The Edmonton Oilers make an appearence on Scrubs

- Chris Chelios actually guest stars in an old Three Stooges Marathon

- Rescue Me relaunches starring Rick Nash after the first one starring Ilya Kovalchuk gained a wide following.

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- Half the Western Conference appears on an episode of Fringe

- Little People Big World, make a surprise visit to the Montreal Canadians to inspire their playoff push.

- Sportscenter turned down NHL players, saying that they didn't see how hockey players were relevant to their show.

- Zach Parise shows everyone else up on America's Got Talent

- Keith Ballard will be on an episode of Ax Men

- Accidentally on Purpose will show a quarter episode completely dedicated to Dion Phaneuf shots that actually get credited as a shot on goal. Sadly, not enough footage exists for a full hour.

- Paul Stastny will appear as the subject of an episode of Modern Marvels

- Colin Campbell will play a judge on The People's Court Despite all the evidence he overturns convictions saying "Well OJ went free, and the legal system needs to be consistent"

- Ty Pennington is going to surprise Florida Panthers GM Randy Sexton for an episode of Extreme Makeover: NHL Franchise Edition

- Kyle Wellwood has a Ken Jennings-type run on Man Vs. Food

- Barry Melrose appears behind the bench at a Lightning practice to mess with Steven Stamkos in a re-launch of TVs Bloopers and Practical jokes (the older actually funny version of PUNK'D for you kids)

- Matt Cooke will appear as a criminal on an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent

- Theo Fleury will guest star in an episode of Law and Order: SVU

- Jerry Seinfeld and his friends get desperate for ratings on The Marriage Ref, and bring in Alex Burrows and Stephane Auger

- HBO decides to save some production costs by just rebroadcasting a Minnesota Wild Game and call it an episode of their new series Bored to Death

- Sheldon Souray auditions for Californication, but he only gets to make an appearance on America's Funniest Home Videos when come across footage of him trying to play defense.

- Matt Duchene stars in an episode of The Secret life of the American Teenager

- Tom Hanks new project The Pacific is a show about how the entire division would be in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference

-Medium is a show about wierd premonitions and psychic thoughts. Naturally the Sedin Twins will guest star