Here's a recap of the NHL summer, in Haiku form:

Stewart and Mueller
Freak out, they haven't signed yet
Promptly forgotten

Andrew Ladd with Cup
Photo on top of mountain
Stanley Cup kicks ass

Bismillah! We will
not let you in (Let us in)
Blog vs mainstream. (Lame)

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Kovalchuk Haiku
Instead of five-seven-five

Dan Ellis Problems
In offseason, minor flubs
create attention

Avs build from within
laying foundat
ion for Champ.
Next step: Salary Floor

Paul Bissonette tweets
insane merriment ensues
Twitter superstar.

Kaberle trade?
I speak for all of hockey
Shit or get off pot

Les Ailes get older
Press font size: 36 pt
so old eyes can read.

Modano in red
More awkward than discussing
playoffs with Leafs fans

Hire Donald Fehr (well maybe)
Headline scribes party.

Blackhawks celebrate.
Cap breaks up party, Thrashers
now Blackhawks South-East

CBA up soon
although work stoppage foolish
pessimism reigns

Niemi wins cup,
wins arbitration, but still
changes sweaters, Sharks.

Savard overpaid
Bruins want out. Easy way:
Incite smear campaign

Hall entrusted four
somehow it's controversial.
Hockey get here soon